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1 Caffè Meletti
2 Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo
3 Paolo III
4 Giulio II
5 San Francesco


Location: Piazza del Popolo (154 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 03-01-2016
I did not know that Ascoli Piceno is an interesting town.
Now that I visited it, I know.
Besides medieval churches and Renaissance palaces, it also offers a wide variety of typical food and drinks - an aspect which is represented here by the famous historical Caffè Meletti.
It is followed clockwise by the Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo, dating back to the XIII century, with a big statue of Pope Paolo III towering above the main entrance.
Next comes San Francesco, not the town/s cathedral, but a huge church indeed. Here, above the side entrance, you see a towering monument to Pope Giulio II.
From the few notices reported you may infer that Ascoli was well inside the old Papal state...
30 HF in two rows, Canon G1X, 40 mm equiv, ISO 1600, f/4, 1/60 sec.


Mi stai rubando il mestiere ;-)
I tried to do the same pano last summer, but I had little time and I did not succeed. Ascoli Piceno is a very nice town.
2016/01/13 20:03 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Your perfection is incredible.
2016/01/13 20:30 , Christoph Seger
Giuseppe: pensavo a te sia scattando che lavorandoci. Dicevo: dovrei chiedergli il permesso, come lui a Pierre Bideau... Poi piazze come questa in Italia ce n'è per tutti, ma con questa luce e questi addobbi natalizi era un peccato lasciarla perdere, anche se sapevo già che avrei bestemmiato parecchio in fase di elaborazione.

Christoph: good that you see, or at least generously imagine, perfection!
The 31132x6757 original does not fit any site, but I will next upload on the dying (if not already dead, I do not understand) Panoramio a version large enough to see the problems, of course affecting mainly the unwieldy cablework over the square. For the buildings I was able to achieve a remarkable coherence, especially given the shooting conditions. All was done freehand, and even in a hurry, since my friends were waiting for me in the historical Caffè Meletti. I employed several multiple shots and dozens of masks - mainly for some critical features of the buildings, surely not for the double child at the beginning! Namely, I sometimes like these presences.
2016/01/16 12:55 , Pedrotti Alberto
Assuming you don't use a tripod, the result is superb. Cheers, Martin
2016/01/17 16:53 , Martin Kraus
Passt alles!
2016/01/20 22:25 , Peter Brandt
Hard to believe that it's freehand.
Blue hour and the building with its warm lights form a wonderful combination.

Cheers Werner
2016/01/24 20:35 , Werner Schelberger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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