Enrosadira en la Laguna Olvidada   92054
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1 Angular summit
2 N.18401
3 Bivac spot
4 Cerro Ñire
5 "Little Red Summit"
6 Techado Negro, 2152
7 Aguja Poincenot, 3002
8 Cerro Fitzroy, 3405
9 Aguja Val Biois
10 Aguja Mermoz, 2732
11 Aguja Guillaumet, 2579
12 Castillo Negro, 2257
13 Cerro Eléctrico, 2159
14 (Laguna Sucia)
15 Red Pyramid
16 Cerro Madsen, 1792
17 Laguna de los Tres
18 Cerro Vespignani, 2200
19 2066
20 Río Blanco


Location: "Laguna Olvidada" (1476 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Argentina      Date: 24-02-2014
This is a supplement to N.18401 from the Loma de las Pizarras.
Here we are at the shore of the little lake hidden below the Loma, in direction Laguna Sucia, which here remains hidden. The lake is not to be found on maps, and "Laguna Olvidada", Forgotten Lake, is the provisional reference name that I use, waiting perhaps to come up with a real name, if any.
Route information and other stuff are already provided in the quoted work. It is strongly recommended to be acquainted with that one in order to understand this.
Even more useful to understand what is going on is the "Fitzroyrama"

11 HF, Canon G1X, 28 mm equiv, ISO 100, f/4, 1/80 sec.
Larger: http://bit.ly/2T8SBRC


2015/10/20 20:45 , Jens Vischer
Wunderbare Beleuchtung!
2015/10/21 20:14 , Friedemann Dittrich
Gut, dass du diese Laguna nicht olvidado/vergessen hast! Saluti
2015/10/21 20:53 , Augustin Werner
Nunca olvidas un lugar así!
Saluti, Alberto.
2015/10/21 21:38 , Pedrotti Alberto
Very special Patagonian moment!
2015/10/21 23:28 , Johannes Ha
Anche i tramonti hai fotografato?
Davvero speciale!!
saluti Patrick
2015/10/23 20:37 , Patrick Runggaldier
Ciao Patrick
si tratta però di un'alba. Il soggetto dell'enrosadira è la parete sud-est, con in bella evidenza il percorso della via Magnone, ovvero della prima salita, quella dei francesi.
Se vuoi collocarla cronologicamente, guardati il... Fitzroyrama, vedi sopra.
2015/10/23 22:03 , Pedrotti Alberto
2015/10/26 23:02 , Christoph Seger
A magic moment. Just on Saturday I saw the film of the two mad climbers, who were the first to do the full traverse of the Fitzroy range (taking in all the peaks in the light here) without checking their equipment before they started. Cheers, Martin
2015/11/02 19:19 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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