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Location: Labaps (3550 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: India      Date: 21-08-2015
To understand the genesis of this photo, we have to start at least from the day before.
On the roads of Ladakh there are two wayfarers, who have the proposal to concatenate the three big passes between the Indus and the Shyokh valley, namely Chang La (5372), Wari La (5308) and Khardung La (5368).
This is the day of Wari La, which they tackle starting from Sakti. After a couple of kilometers, however, they already come to a stop. Namely, hearing a sound of drums coming from a school, they become curious to see what is happening, and so they dare to enter the gate. This reveals boys and girls sitting in rows, holding yellow flowers, because they are waiting for the leader of a charity project supporting the school: she has just arrived in Ladakh from Germany, and is expected to arrive within minutes. When this happens, the two are invited inside, to take part to the official ceremony.
This is an incredible experience, but of course also steals time to the Wari La, which is no minor pass. Add that one of the two has a wounded leg, being fallen on treacherous gravel during the descent from the previous pass, namely Wari La. He even has difficulty in mounting on the bicycle, for which job he sometimes needs help from the companion. This has, however, at least one advantage: to limit the rate of photographs...
Beyond the school, the road is nearly completely deserted, and the two discover to have a whole Himalayan road at their exclusive disposal. The stop at the pass is very short, since there is substantially nothing to see. Short after the pass the one with the aching leg needs an Aspirina, but afterwards it is only a long descent inside a wonderful valley, with the Himalaya at both sides and the Karakorum in the background.
Darkness falls before they reach the Shyokh valley, and at a certain fork they happen (by mistake or half-willingly, this is difficult to judge) to turn to a side valley. They come to a point after which the road has been swept away by floods. At the same time, however, a light appears - as welcome as unexpected - on the opposite side of the river. The problem is that there seems to be neither a bridge, nor the possibility to ford. But if there is a house, they argue, there must be also an access. So, they leave the bicycles and they start to walk along the destroyed road. After some tweaks, they discover an access to the house. They find a man, who receives the two at first with visible suspicion, but then more friendly. He also has for them both an enchanting room and a basic meal.
What is depicted here comes the following morning. Amchi - this is the name of the man- leads his two unexpected hosts to visit his private temple. They also discover that he is a charismatic and renowned ayurvedic doctor - ayurvedic meaning shortly: no Aspirina at all...
Now the interested Betrachter can see what the two wayfarer (whose names were, incidentally, Edoardo and Alberto) saw on the place, with more details on
Although works in progress, and at a very early stage, the following objects could be useful to understand the above story:


Molto interessante, mi piacciono molto questi posti!!
Cari saluti,
2015/09/14 20:23 , Patrick Runggaldier
Sei stato in Ladakh??
2015/09/14 21:58 , Pedrotti Alberto
Non sono un appassionato di questo genere, ma il racconto vale da solo 5 stelle....
2015/09/15 00:25 , Giuseppe Marzulli
A suo modo è stata una giornata particolare...
Probabilmente eravamo anche i primi occidentali che arrivavano in quel posto.
2015/09/15 01:04 , Pedrotti Alberto
Alberto - as usual "thank you very much for sharing" - what a story!
2015/09/15 13:19 , Christoph Seger
So you converted a private temple into a "public" temple :-)
2015/09/16 03:52 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Great story, and thanks for the additional links. Did the ayurvedic treatment help the leg? Cheers, Martin
2015/09/17 20:31 , Martin Kraus
The ayurvedic helped indirectly in the sense that, allowing us to stay for the night, it gave the powder from Leverkusen the time to work. Without that aid I would have hardly dared to tackle, with an aching and thus scarcely reactive leg, the road of the Shyokh valley, of which you can get an idea from the material already available on Picasa.
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/09/17 21:57 , Pedrotti Alberto

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