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Location: Jakarta      by: Erik Nainggolan
Area: Indonesia      Date:
A panoramic shot of a Strong and Sturdy Wave Breaker. CALMING, noiseless, but the sound of nature.

Out there in Hot stinging day, rain, strom, and pounding violent waves every single day!

Yet, it stands there strong and intact. So inspiring.


Welcome. Probably it is not the kind of pano that will be successful in this website, but I like it. It would help some technical detail and a few words of your presentation.
2015/07/14 19:14 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Hi Giuseppe Marzulli. Thank you for your kind words and advice. I'd love to get some more pointers from you.

I see that... very different crowd here, but as long as it is allowed I do not mind comments and advice as there are quite enough crowd of pano enthusiast here! Thanks for accepting me here. :)

Please do give me some pointers... :)
2015/07/15 02:40 , Erik Nainggolan
Done.. I like it!
2015/07/16 00:08 , Sebastian Becher

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