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1 Montagne de Lure, 1534m
2 Rocher d'Arambre, 1434 m
3 A51 Autoroute (Gap-Marseille)
5 Montagne d'Aujour, 1834 m
6  Montagne de la Baume, 1147 m
7  Sommet de Gache, 1340 m
8 Montagne de Jouere, 1886m
9 Volonne
10 Château-Arnoux
11 Chateau de Arnoux
12 Sommet du Ruth, 1280m
13 L' Escale
14 Barrage de l' Escale
15 La Pourachere, 861m
16 Malijai


Location: Château-Arnoux (Colline Saint-Jean)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: April 2015
In the last trip to France I mostly followed the river Durance. The Durance is a river that rises in Briancon (the Italian-French border) and flows into the Rhone near Avignon.


A suggestion 
The water we see is on its way to a sea, which is often in the evening news in the last time, but in connection with terrible things. And your panoramic point is a rocky hill, probably limestone, with at least a chapel of St. John.
Saluti Wolfgang
2015/06/03 01:12 , Wolfgang Bremer
Look at #16590 :-)
2015/06/03 17:30 , Jörg Nitz
@Wolfgang: How did you guess?
@Jörg: Justly :-)

40 km away, to the left of the Sommet du Ruth (not visible in the pano), it is the place where crashed the plane Germanwings.
2015/06/03 20:20 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Hello, Guiseppe, I read your question only today. The answer is: I ''scanned'' a few bigger rivers coming out of the alps on their south side searching an artificial lake with the beginning of a canal. Because nothing did fit on the italian side, I remembered your visit to Avignon a time ago; so I found the Durance by accident.
Saluti Wolfgang
2015/06/15 00:21 , Wolfgang Bremer

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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