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1 Serre des Aigles, 2567m
2 Vallée de la Guisane
3 La Croix de Toulouse, 1998m
4 Mont Chaberton, 3131m
5 Fort des Salettes
6 Montgenèvre (Monginevro)
7 Monte Fraiteve (I), 2701m
8 Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Nicolas
9 BRIANCON (cité Vauban)
10 Fort du Château
11 Sommet de Chateau Jouan, 2565m
12 La Durance
13 Fort Dauphin
14 Fort des Trois-Têtes
15 Fort de l'Infernet, 2380m
16 Fort du Randouillet
17 Gare
18 Vallée de la Cerveyrette
19 Cime de la Charvie, 2881m
20 Barrage de Pont Baldy
21 La Grande Maye, 2417m
22 Fort de la Croix-de-Bretagne
23 Crête des Granges 2835 m
24 Pic de Beaudouis 2843 m
25 Vallée des Ayes
26 Col des Ayes 2477 m
27 Pic des Chalanches 2779 m
28 Villar-Saint-Pancrace
29 Carrefour
30 Cime du Melezin, 2680m
31 Pic Jean Rey 2777 m
32 Pic de Peyre Eyraute 2903 m
33 Pic de Roche Motte, 2548m
34 La Durance
35 Tete de Vautisse, 4156m


Location: Puy-Saint-Pierre      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: 6 April 2015
Solved riddle.
This pano was taken from the small cemetery of Puy-Saint-Pierre, a tiny mountain community. It is probably the most scenic cemetery that I have ever seen.
The pano shows the initial part of the Durance Valley (Vallée de la Durance). The sources of the Durance are behind the Fort de l' Infernet.
Briancon is famous for its forts. In this pano can be seen the position of many of the forts that surround it.


Siamo in terra straniera, ma è in vista il luogo dove fu scritto:

Salve, cara Deo tellus sanctissima, salve
tellus tuta bonis, tellus metuenda superbis,
tellus nobilibus multum generosior oris...

Buonanotte, Alberto.
2015/04/26 01:04 , Pedrotti Alberto
It is always a pleasure to have such a combination - a gifted photographer and traveler who not only gets to almost any place in the alps but also has the desire to portrait them and a musician and bicycling philosopher who twists the riddles even a bit further.

Together the hints were enough for me to solve the riddle - I will not disclose it but have only one additional word for Alberto: No, the cited words have not been inspired and written here, only after traversing the alps the mountain-proof poet felt lighthearted enough to put these words down.
2015/04/26 07:30 , Christoph Seger
Yes, I explained the thing with very approximate words.
The Author pretends to write those lines from up there, but perhaps he was more comfortably sitting at home...
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/04/26 10:05 , Pedrotti Alberto
Hi Alberto,

Since I do not know more about the author than I did learn in school (and there was a lot to lean about klassische Literaturentwicklung mit deutschem Sprachhintergrund ...) I looked up a text about the given lines in a publication I found online in "The Musical Times". There it is claimed, that the poet did put down these lines when actually seeing his homeland again. I will post the link after the riddle is more official solved.

By the way .. Vatican City as country can be understood as a hint ;-)
2015/04/26 10:46 , Christoph Seger
I have no clue, but I like the pano!
2015/04/26 14:17 , Jens Vischer
Me too. KR Arno
2015/04/26 14:54 , Arno Bruckardt
@Jens and Arno: I think due to the fact that Albert and Christoph have confused ideas at all ;-)
What they mean is that this pano is not in Italy, but we also see a very small part of Italy.
2015/04/26 15:05 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I also wondered if the Vaticano could be understood as a hint!
As for the location, I guess that the Photographer should be little below (probably at a hairpin) the little village of PSP.
2015/04/26 15:07 , Pedrotti Alberto
@Alberto: to be precise, photos were taken from the small and scenic cemetery of PSP.
Probably, it is the most panoramic cemetery that I have seen ;-)
2015/04/26 17:52 , Giuseppe Marzulli
My first thought was the valley of Ticino, but I can't find a locality which matches. And there are not too much localities in that valley.
2015/04/26 17:56 , Arno Bruckardt
@Arno: it is not in Switzerland. I added the label of the only place in Italy.
2015/04/26 18:09 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Well, I am quite sure that in old times the locations for such places were not chosen at random... I was thinking about this also a couple of weeks ago, and a couple of hours before "Valgoda", while panoramizing from the gorgeous one located at 45.907845, 11.678282.
And also last Thursday, after the scenic arrival of the Giro del Trentino at Fierozzo (just for addicts:, I found myself in Palú shooting a remake of
2015/04/26 18:19 , Pedrotti Alberto
Vatican City as "hint" 
To my knowledge the writer of the lines Alberto did cite was traveling back home because he was upset by a developement deeply linked to the country this picture is taken and the perfekt day Vatican State and its "rulers"
2015/04/26 18:27 , Christoph Seger
I think Alberto is the winner here, I did only solve his riddle ...
2015/04/26 18:30 , Christoph Seger
The lines, which quoted Alberto, come by Petrarca. And Petrarca lived in last a long time in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse nearby Avignon. And - Avignon was former Papstsitz. But I don't know whether there are such high mountains near Avignon. You would have to see something of the Rhône and Durance rivers.
The image of this city, behind the steep, towering mountains, showing Giuseppe is impressive.
2015/04/26 18:39 , Heinz Höra
du bist nahe dran. Wo / aus welchem Anlass hat Petraca die Zeilen geschrieben ???
2015/04/26 18:46 , Christoph Seger
Christoph, ich habe meinen Kommentar laufend ergänzt, sodaß Deiner evtl. nicht mehr ganz dazu paßt.
Aber - immerhin war Giuseppe am 3.4.2015 in Avignon und hat dort die berühmte Brücke abgelichtet.
2015/04/26 18:55 , Heinz Höra
@Heinz: in previous intervention you did a very exact geographical reference, but the Italian border is only 20 Km away.
2015/04/26 18:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Got it now. A bit shameful, that I needed all your hints, given that I have been there and have shown a lot of panos from the area on a-p. The town has impressive fortifications, which can only be seen on detailed inspection of this pano. Cheers, Martin
2015/04/26 19:00 , Martin Kraus
Yes, the city in the valley is Briancon, famous for its historic fortifications, which are UNESCO World Heritage Site. I thank all those who participated.
2015/04/26 19:26 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Last but not least the reference I have got my hints from:

Here you can read

Saddened by the death of close friends, lighted by the new pope (ClementVI), sickened by the corrupt curia of Avignon,Petrarch decided to leave his beloved
Vaucluse and return to Italy for good. He was nearly 50 years old and at theheightof his fame. In 1353 he set out for Milan via the wooded and narrowing banks of theDurance to Briancon and the old road leading to the Col du Mont- Genevre. Not far beyond the 6000-foot pass, dominated to the north by Mont Chaberton, he saw before him the plains of Susa, verdant in the spring sunshine reflected from a thousand eddies in the Doria Riparia. It was surely then and there, as he set foot once more on Italian soil, that he uttered the lines of a poem that was to become one of his best-loved of all his Latin epistles: Salve, cars Deo tells sanctissima ...
2015/04/26 22:33 , Christoph Seger
Thanks Christoph to have told this story.
2015/04/26 22:46 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Although I could not help to find the place, I like your panorama very much. I didn't hear so much about Petrarca till now, so the discussion was quite useful for my cultural background.
Saluti Wolfgang
2015/04/28 00:32 , Wolfgang Bremer
Christoph: thanks to your scholarly work, I have discovered to have the manuscript of a setting of "Salve cara Deo tellus" right in my town, namely Trento...
You can go to
then select: Ricerca nei Codici
then look after Incipit: Salve cara Deo tellus

The work, by a certain Lodovico da Rimini, appears to have been published in «Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich» (!?!).
So, starting in Vauban's Briançon, we have finally landed in Österreich!! An interesting Tour of the Alps indeed.

N.B.: if you want to see more from that library, namely, Biblioteca Musicale del Castello del Buonconsiglio, you may have a glance at
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/05/01 16:29 , Pedrotti Alberto

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