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1 Castello di Rubbia
2 Monte Clapsavon, 2462m; 98Km
3 Duomo di Cormons
4 Chiesa Sant' Anna
5 Terza Grande, 2586m; 106Km
6 Monte Quarin, 274m
7 Fiume Vipacco (Vipava)
8 Monte Peralba (Hochweisstein), 2694m; 109Km
9 Santuario di Merna (Mirenski Grad)
10 Monte Chiampon, 1709m; 58Km
11 Monte Zaiaur, 1815m
12 Monte Ioanaz, 1167m
13 Fiume Vipacco (Vipava)
14 Monte Sart, 2324m
15 Monte Mia, 1237m
16 Monte Stol, 1673m
17 Monte Canin, 2587m; 56Km
18 Monte Calvario (Podgora), 241m
19 Monte Korada, 812m
20 Monte Forato (Prestreljenik), 2498m
21 Vercoglia di Quisca (Vrhovlje pri Kojskem)
22 Matajur, 1641m
23 San Floriano del Collio
24 Raccogliano (Orehovlje)
25 Chiesa di Sant' Agostino
26 Monte Rombon, 2208m; 55Km
27 Ossario di Oslavia
29 Monte Nero (Krn), 2244m; 44Km
30 Monte Sabotino, 609m (pano 17227)
31 Castello di Gorizia
32 Universitā di Gorizia (ex seminario)
33 Monastero di Castagnevizza (Samostan Kostanjevica)
34 Monte Santo (Sveta Gora), 681m (pano 17035)
36 San Pietro di Gorizia (Sempeter pri Gorici)
37 Hospital
38 Triglav, 2864m; 59Km
39 Vertoiba (Vrtojba)
40 Monte San Gabriele (Skabrijel), 646m
41 Rodica, 1965m; 44Km
42 Monte San Daniele (Stanjel), 553m
43 Biglia (Bilje)
44 Tarnovo (Trnovo)
45 Skol (Veliki Vrh), 1190m
46 Mrzovec, 1407m


Location: Cerje      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Slovenia      Date: 7 March 2015
Once this was one of the most controversial European borders. On one side was the NATO and on the other the Communists of Tito. Now it is very difficult to understand where is the boundary, which practically does not exist.
8 photos; 58mm (full format); f8; 1/1600 sec.; 100 ISO.


The Great Julische Alps
2015/03/21 04:33 , Thomas Janeck
Fascinating part of Europe, indeed.

The river should be the Vipava (Wippach) on its way towards the Isonzo, right?
2015/03/21 09:28 , Arne Rönsch
Yes, the river is the Vipacco (in Italian) or Vipava (in Slovenian) or Wippach (in German), which flows into the Isonzo or Soca or Sontig. This has always been historically an area of meeting (or clash) between three different cultures, the Italian, Slavic and the German-speaking.
What you see on the right is the Valle del Vipacco (in Italian) or Vipavska dolina (in Slovenian) or Wippachtal (in German).
2015/03/21 10:02 , Giuseppe Marzulli
splendid view!
2015/03/21 11:53 , Mentor Depret
Il tuo presidio sulle opposte estremitā dell'arco alpino si rafforza sempre piú!
2015/03/21 14:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
Very interesting to see this side of the Alps.
2015/03/22 18:54 , Jörg Braukmann
again a very interesting and beautiful view!!
2015/03/22 22:15 , Michael Strasser
Wow, again very spectacular with much geographical informations and best view.
LG Jörg
2015/03/23 22:38 , Jörg Nitz

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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