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1 N.15913
2 Kurumbel valley
3 3616
4 3504
5 N.10140
6 Sheveed Uul, 3370
7 Base camp, 3150
8 N.9744
9 N.14328
10 Tsengel Khairkhan Uul, 3938, 110 km
11 N.10491, 3276
12 N.10301, 3234
13 Tsagaan Gol valley
14 Alexandroff glacier
15 3914, 107 km (at 150° in N.10566)
16 3955
17 Burged, 4068
18 Naran, 3885
19 3883
20 Olgii, 4050
21 Potanina glacier
22 3902
23 4162
24 Huithen, 4374
25 4192
26 Triple point, 4082
27 Nairamdal, 4117
28 (N.9762)
29 N.8227
30 Bertek
31 Gora Beluha, 4506, 117 km
32 Malchina, 3919
33 Ak-Alaha river
34 Lake Guzinoe
35 Argamdzhi
36 Dzaniikmu, 3922


Location: Malchin (4027 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 23-08-2011
Perhaps the Betrachter interested in Mongolian/Siberian topics has already seen my panoramas «Late Malchin» (N.9888, then reworked as N.16185) and «Shepherdess of the Altai» (N.8227).
The present one, that I stitched now from pictures long abandoned on the disk, combines the daylight of the latter with the standpoint of the former - from which it also inherits the failure to cover the whole 360°. If in «Late Malchin» this was a consequence of the cloud layout, here it comes from the choice to leave the summit khadag in order to gain a balcony maximizing the view on the majestic Potanina glacier.
This work also marks a progress in the task of working out the virtually endless series of my 23-08-2011 panos, although now the priority for me is to provide a proper reworking of the highly instructive N.9762 which completes - together with the two mentioned before - the triptych of my favourites from that unforgettable mountain day. The "state of the art" is available on the Testplatz N.7449, if anybody wants to provide suggestions, complaints a.s.o.

N.B.: maybe some word is due in order to explain why this picture led me back so much to N.9762. The point is that here, at 260°, in the original ( one sees a beautiful rock pyramid peeping from behind. Curiously enough, Udeuschle is of little help for its identification, since in the rendering it is shadowed by the non-existent Udeuschle horn marked at 252.5° in the Nairamdal view.
As a result... I was not able to reliably identify the pyramid yet, but I have no hurry: I like the idea of a world still with some unnamed pyramid and with some non-existent horn!


one more reason to review your trip to this fascinating region! perfectly balanced colors and sharpness. the "testplatz" is even better now, too.
2014/12/28 22:02 , Michael Strasser
Fantastic landscape! :)
2014/12/28 22:26 , Johannes Ha
Can you give any information about the recent snowline in the Mongolian Altai mountains? It seems to be found at about 3500m. KR Wilfried
2014/12/29 11:46 , Wilfried Malz
Each and every pano from this series is fascinating. (And it is a bit worrying, how long old material can keep you busy while new material is accumulating - maybe these glaciers are a good metaphore for your queue of panoramas). I particularly like the "Zeichnung" on the glacier. In contrast, in your current Testplatz version, the snow is a little to bright in some places and loses detail. Cheers, Martin
2014/12/29 12:09 , Martin Kraus
Dove le avevi nascoste?
2014/12/29 21:27 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Giuseppe: me l'ero semplicemente dimenticata. Nella mia testa c'erano l'immagine diurna dalla Malchina e qualle serale dal Malchin; l'esistenza di una diurna dal Malchin l'avevo dunque rimossa...

Wilfried: looking at the Potanina glacier, 3500 seems indeed to be a reasonable figure.

Martin: thank you for Testplatz-Betrachting.
Comforted by our interest, I worked hard on the topic and I produced the object that you now find at the competing place (9762).
You were fully right, that Hugin totally burnt the snow dome. However, this led me to a discovery: when in Hugin you reoptimize the exposure after some Lightroom tweak, he does not automatically sync the global exposure to the new exposure of the picture anchored for the sake. You need to do this by hand in the Preview window (!!). The reason for this is mysterious to me - but mystery is more the rule than the exception for me in this field.
For example, another discovery of the day was that Panoramio accepts pictures of more than 30.000 pixel width, but then... it is not able to display them!
So, in I needed to cut the right end - which aesthetically is no loss, however!
2014/12/29 23:13 , Pedrotti Alberto
Amazing Mongolia (...or Russia). Well, in this case I don't know, but your global panoramic work is always a great inspiration to me.
Kind regards, Matthias.
2014/12/30 00:00 , Matthias Stoffels
Fantastic Alberto ... thank you for the endless impressions from your archive!

Happy new year 2015 - cheers, Hans-Jörg
2014/12/31 11:43 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Wonderful. On the bright side of life. KR Arno
2014/12/31 12:01 , Arno Bruckardt
Many thanks again to the Betrachters.
My interest in these old pictures was arisen again by a slideshow that my sister gave about her recent travel to Buriatia and Lake Bajkal, that is, to the land of Shamanism.
As I wrote in the explanation to N.8227, the Ice Princess of the Altai (whose tomb lies on the Ukok plateau, few kms from here) could also be a shamaness...
2014/12/31 12:49 , Pedrotti Alberto
There are still some treasures slumbering in the archive.

Tanti auguri e un felice anno nuovo!

Saluti Werner
2014/12/31 13:31 , Werner Schelberger

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