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Location: Salda Gölü (1141 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Turkey      Date: 08-08-2008
Giving a first look to the recently published material I noted several interesting pictures from Turkey. So, I thought to give a little contribution.
I leave to you the task to google «Lake Salda» and to learn on Wikipedia of hydromagnesite, stomatolites and other very erudite things. I will only recount how I met that lake. I was short outside Denizli when, after a mountain pass, I asked a local for the best road in direction Antalya. He recommended to me: Do not take the way through Salda, since it is difficult, you need to climb still higher, a.s.o.
Well, I thought, the adjectives "difficult" and "higher" are often connected to interesting spots: let's go that way! Actually, when the lake suddenly appeared behind a hill (the border of the old crater), I had the certainty of having been rewarded.
I can also say that it was a Friday: namely, that evening, in the little village of Karamanli, I found myself unexpectedly invited to a wedding, which in inner Anatolia starts on Friday night, and lasts without interruption, with dance and music, for the whole weekend.
Only one last detail. Namely, I already imagine the Betrachter who, moved to pity by the quality of my picture (an old Powershot G9 object), will rush to Salda in order to shoot a better one. Once on these snow-white beach he will go, like me, for a swim in the deep-blue water. At a certain point he will discover, not without a certain dismay, to be in the middle of very treacherous quicksand which in effect, as some hosts at the wedding told me, has already swallowed more than one enthusiast.
Should the quality be too terrible, I would withdraw the object; the point is that, whenever I like the subject, I do not correctly judge how terrible is the quality!


A really surprising landscape.
2014/09/01 22:23 , Giuseppe Marzulli
A forbidding but never the less beautiful landscape. Thank you for sharing the view and your travel impressions. Unbelievable that this lake is almost 200 m deep!
2014/09/02 13:14 , Christoph Seger
Amazing place! Thanks for the interesting description! Those quicksands can be very tricky, I'm happy you got out unharmed.
2014/09/02 16:10 , Wolfgang Schmähling

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Pedrotti Alberto

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