A quiet summers evening on Ochsenkopf in Fichtelgebirge   123539
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1 Rhön, 130 km
2 Rhön, 130 km
3 Rhön, 130 km
4 Grosser Gleichberg 679 m, 95 km
5 Kleiner Gleichberg 641 m, 96 km
6 Dolmar 739 m, 115 km
7 Schneeberg 692 m, 100 km
8 Klingeberg, 80 km
9 Blessberg 865 m, 73 km
10 Geuser Berg, 34 km
11 T H Ü R I N G E R S C H I E F E R G E B I R G E
12 Wetzstein 793 m, 73 km
13 Döbraberg 794 m, 30 km
14 Wetzstein, 5,4 km
15 Kulmberg, 44 km
16 Steglitzberg 733 m, 46 km
17 P. 656 m, 50 km
18 Sendemast Waldstein, 11 km
19 V O G T L A N D
20 Wendelstein 732 m, 61 km
21 Grosser Kornberg 826 m, 22 km
22 Schneeberg 1051 m, 4 km
23 Nusshardt 972 m, 4 km
24 B Ö H M E N, 55 km


Location: Ochsenkopf, Wahrzeichen (1024 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Germany      Date: 2014-07-15, 21:19
Hello All, and sorry for not being here in a long time.

This summer we spent a week at Lake Garda in Italy, so a stop-over in Fichtelgebirge made sense for various reasons: it was half-way through the journey, a very nice area for a Mittelgebirgs-freak, and a good way to stretch ones legs after hours in the car. Back in '99 my wife and I camped at Fichtelsee and hastely visited Ochsenkopf in fog, so it was kind of like having a Rucksack there...We arrived around 18 pm in Bischofsgrün, found a restaurant, and around 19:30 I started walking. Besides a few Nucifragas there wasn't much life in the forest. Around 21 pm I reached the summit and spent some minutes on the Warzeichen-rocks. I hadn't thought about a pano, but quickly I decided to make a few series, only with the 50 mm lens. The feeling was very special; it was completely quiet, no wind and no people. The often cited (on ap and pp) title "Über allen Gipfeln ist Ruh" made perfectly sense. I couldn't really judge if the visibility was nice or fantastic but from udeuschle it seems it exceeded the 100 km, with views of the Rhön and Dolmar. Apart from a short telepano of Haberstein, the vacation was a pano-disaster; that was the only two I produced:-(

Original put on as a riddle: For those kean and eager of the community, try guess my location on this evening.

DISCLAIMER: I have de-clued it by removing an object, otherwise I fear it will be too easy to solve, but a little information nonetheless: There can be linked a few panos from here, there are made 2 panos from here, but only in wintertime, and only one in this direction. Regarding the time, the camerawatch is probably a little out of time, give or take some minutes. About the visibility, I judged it on location to be good but not perfect, but later from udeuschle it seems I almost hit a jackpot this evening. Have fun!

Pano made from 12 pics (RAW), 50 mm, 1/200 s, f 5,6, iso400, developed in DPP (daylight, neutral, sharpened a little, ALO off), stitched in PTgui pro, a minor contrastwork in GIMP, down-scaling and sharpening in IrfanView.


Hallo Jan, sehr schön, daß Du wieder was zeigst! Der Blick ist mir gut vertraut, gehört bekanntlich zu meinem "Revier". Von mir gibt es aus der Nähe (4km) auch etwas. Mehr sage ich erstmal nicht, vielleicht wollen noch ein paar Leute mitraten. LG Fried
2014/08/17 15:36 , Friedemann Dittrich
Rart at høre og se igen fra dig! Om gåde jeg har ingen særlig idé endnu - men lad os se.
Hilsen til Danmark Wolfgang
2014/08/17 22:26 , Wolfgang Bremer
Welcome back Jan!! This landscape is not my region ... but you start with a very nice impression ... cheers, Hans-Jörg
2014/08/18 00:33 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Jan, I think you were waiting for me to comment on your pano as I was the author of the other two you mentioned. But I didn't look at it earlier and even now I didn't recognize S. at once - it has got such a strange look without its tower! LG Wilfried
2014/08/18 17:43 , Wilfried Malz
Thank you for participating - a certain mountain will get its tower back later this evening, so hurry up if you want to join the 2 winners (so far) on the podium! Impressive skills with languages, Wolfgang! LG Jan.
2014/08/18 18:17 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Any connection to a male cow, unable to procreate?
2014/08/18 18:49 , Arne Rönsch
If it is Friedemanns area it can not be my one. So I can't solve the riddle. Especially the first part I like very much.
LG Jörg
2014/08/18 18:55 , Jörg Nitz
So, it became obvious that I was on Ochsenkopf in Fichtelgebirge, and I had removed the tower on Schneeberg. The winners (Friedemann, Wilfried and Arne) are welcome to put on trophy-labels if they want to, like Döbraberg and Schneeberg for example, and I will just remove my own. I will put on labels and make a description a little later, until then, so long...
2014/08/18 20:43 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Die feine Schärfe bis zuhinterst!
Gruss Walter
2014/08/18 21:20 , Walter Schmidt
@ Jan, Gleichberge und Dolmar habe ich vom Fichtelgebirge auch schon gesehen, die Rhön aber noch nie. Da kannst Du dich wirklich freuen. Etwas schade, daß Du dorthin kein Tele gemacht hast.
@ Arne, herrliche Umschreibung, ich habe herzhaft gelacht!
LG Fried
2014/08/19 11:07 , Friedemann Dittrich
Thank you for the interest, I guess I am done now with the descrition and the labels.

@Friedemann, ja, schade...what was I THINKING? Wilfried had a slightly better view 2 years ago, and luckily made a tele-pano:
LG Jan.
2014/08/19 22:21 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Thx Jan for your "grandios" description! Few minutes ago i came back from my evening tour in the black forest ... "no wind - no people" - me alone ;-) with the "blue hour" ... i think it was the same feeling like your's in Fichtelgebirge!!!

2014/08/21 22:15 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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