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1 Patria - 2203 m
3 Mala Basta - 2287 m
4 Predna Basta - 2373 m
6 Koprovsky stit - 2346 m


Location: Osterwa (1980 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 25.09.2010
Stitched 4 vertical photos, special request for Alberto :)
Unfortunately most of peaks were in clouds.


Yes, it is indeed a bit cloudy...
However, I am honoured by the fulfillment of my request.
But, how we say in Italy, keep in mind that "if you give one hand, maybe then they ask you the whole arm". So now I go with the next request: Veliko Hincovo Pleso.
As for now I do not have Tatra material to "pay" you, in substitution if you want you can have a look here:

P.S.: I am glad to see that you marked the Koprovsky Stit, where I was in company of a wonderful Brocken!
2014/02/20 21:02 , Pedrotti Alberto
"if you give one hand, maybe then they ask you the whole arm" - we have the same in Poland, I wont give you "whole arm", because simply, haven`t got panorama from there.
When I was there, years ago, I didn`t shooting panorama photos, only single ones.

But when I was at Koprowy Szczyt I also had the specter of Brocken -

P.S. You make me very jealous about your wonderful trip to Patagonia. Great photos!
2014/02/21 20:52 , Konrad Sus
Maybe from the same rocks??
2014/02/25 15:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
Possible. In the in the meantime I found in my photo archive few photos of Hincove Pleso, which are can be connected to panorama. So further I will upload this panorama. But its old, and quality will be not too good (remember - old Chinese camera)
2014/02/25 20:52 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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