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1 Crkva Sv. Luke evandeliste
2 Alipasno polje B faza
3 Alipasno polje C faza
4 Dzamija Alipasno polje C faza
5 Svrzina Kuca dining room
6 Snipers' Alley
7 City Centre
8 Istiqlal mosque
9 Sv. Ante Padovanskog
10 Sarajevska Pivara
11 Bride
12 Fine Arts Academy
13 Serbian Orthodox Church
14 Alipasno polje B faza
15 Dzamija Kralj Fahd
16 Mihrab
17 To Sarajevo
18 Babin Do
19 To Bjelasnica


Location: Sarajevo (518 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Bosnia And Herzegovina      Date: 19 and 21-08-2013
Sarajevo is in itself such a mixture of different cultures and religions, that for one time I tried a collage to describe it.
Of course the work is not exhaustive, since I set to myself the precise limit to employ only photos which were in themselves stitched. This way, many important features of the town are not covered: the central, or Pigeons' square, and even the cultural and historic centre of the city, namely, the Turkish Bascarsija, just to name the most striking examples!
However, rather than listing what is lacking (which would be a very demanding work...) let me describe what there is inside:

1. A view of a W suburb, starting with a Catholic church and ending with a mosque;
2. A room in the Svrzina Kuca, the residence of the merchant family Svrzo, showing how was the life of a rich family in the Ottoman age;
3. The Istiqlal Mosque at Otoka, along the so called Snipers' Alley, the road connecting the centre to the airport, which at the time of the siege was deadly dangerous due to Serbian soldiers shooting from the nearby hills;
4. The Sarajevska pivara, that is, the local "Bräuerei", in curious architectural agreement with the nearby catholic church of Sv. Ante Padovanskog, a saint who is very well represented in Bosnia;
5. The Fine Arts Academy, along the Mlijacka river, with a wedding photographer at work on the bridge. Curiously, our trajectories seemed to be in curious agreement that evening (picasaweb.google.com/albertopedrotti/Balcani_1#5937910400335182562);
6. The big Serbian Orthodox church, although the true jewel of the genre is the old and humble Old Orthodox Church, with its wonderful iconostasis;
7. War wounds not far from the first photograph; note the contrast with the perfectly new mosque;
8. On the Snipers' Alley, not far from the previous photo...
9. The interior of the wonderful Ghazi Husrev-Bey mosque: I think, the most valuable monument in Sarajevo. This is a crop from a spherical panorama made from 24 handheld photos - something truly unwieldy to stitch! The result, also with its unavoidable imperfections on top, can be seen in www.panoramio.com/photo/97353208;
10. At the Olympic resort of Babin Do, on the northern flank of the Bjelasnica, few kms from the town and, still more surprisingly, 16 linear kms from the timeless spot of Stecci Luka (N.14079) and 12 linear kms from the similarly timeless Lukomir (N.14217).
I know that a work like this is exposed to every sort of criticism, and that there would be hundreds of ways to improve on it, not to speak of the easy way of withdrawing it. However, I decided to try something new to me, instead of always producing one and the same thing for time n.100 - actually, n.141 here on PPH!
With 1200 instead of 500 pixel on static.panoramio.com/photos/original/99327584.jpg


Dear Alberto
There is so much to discover in this beautiful panopticum of Sarajewo - incredible! Your explanations are dearly needed to make the idea behind the whole story transparent – exceptional the combination of words and pictures!
Herzlichst Christoph
2013/11/16 10:49 , Christoph Seger
Thank you Christoph.
Here the experiment for me was mainly the choice of the order... I have chosen transitions on basis of these differences/connections:
01-02: new popular houses vs old rich house;
02-03-04: simply colour, a "sandwich" with blue within two reds;
04-05: classical arch vs modern arch;
05-06: moon in either bright or dark sky;
06-07-08-09: another "sandwich" with two secular subjects (the "wounded" and the "healthy" one - provided, of course, that you rate Coca Cola to be healthy!) within two sacred subjects;
10: symmetric to 01, reminds it in light and architecture.
Of course I cannot even imagine how many among the 10! possible arrangements would be more effective than this one!
2013/11/16 11:58 , Pedrotti Alberto
Very special and extremely interesting at the same time. Many thanks for sharing this series of panoramic views of Sarajevo with us.
2013/11/18 22:28 , Matthias Stoffels
Thank you Matthias.
I feel that the experiment is a bit out-of-style for the site; however, as I already pointed out, I carried it out thinking that a special and maybe unique town like Sarajevo could justify some "mad" realization...
2013/11/19 18:26 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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