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1 Sovietskoi Kirgizi (5561 m)
2 Inylcheck South Glacier
3 Maksima Gorkovo (6050 m)
4 Inylcheck South Base Camp (4000 m)
5 Chapayeva (6371 m)
6 Khan Tengri (7010 m)


Location: Camp 1 of Pobeda Peak - Tien Shan (4500 m)      by: Edoardo Martelli
Area: Kyrgyzstan      Date: August 2011
The picture was taken from Camp 1 of Pobeda Peak on Zviozdochka Glacier during an expedition to Khan Tengri and Pobeda in August 2011 after a snowing night spent in a tent together with one of my friend worried about the trip back to Inylcheck South base camp through 6 km in the middle of crevasses. Luckily when we waked up the weather was as in the picture!

4 shots taken with Lumix TZ7


Welcome to pp - Great view, well stitched, nice colors and contrast. You need to sharpen after or when scaling to 500Px, and add a little bit of story & background in the text, and I'm sure a lot of people here will greatly appreciate such work. Peaks can be labeled directly in the picture. Cheers, Martin
2013/11/13 21:24 , Martin Kraus
We have discussed just in the Panorama # 14248, if you can see the Chan Tengri and teh Pik Pobeda from Lake Issyk-Kul and found that you can see it only from mountains in the North of the Lake http://www.udeuschle.selfhost.pro/panoramas/panqueryfull.aspx?mode=newstandard&data=lon%3A78.0007%24%24%24lat%3A42.87064%24%24%24alt%3Aauto%24%24%24altcam%3A25%24%24%24hialt%3Atrue%24%24%24resolution%3A80%24%24%24azimut%3A120%24%24%24sweep%3A40%24%24%24leftbound%3A100%24%24%24rightbound%3A140%24%24%24split%3A15%24%24%24splitnr%3A3%24%24%24tilt%3A-0.833333333333333%24%24%24tiltsplit%3Afalse%24%24%24elexagg%3A1.2%24%24%24range%3A500_grid%24%24%24colorcoding%3Afalse%24%24%24colorcodinglimit%3A130%24%24%24title%3AKungei%20Ala-Tau%20am%20Issyk-Kul%24%24%24description%3A%24%24%24email%3A%24%24%24language%3Age%24%24%24screenwidth%3A1600%24%24%24screenheight%3A1200.
And suddenly appears this panorama with the Chan Tengri and the other with Pik Pobeda, captured up close by the Inylchek glacier.
What a happy coincidence!
2013/11/13 22:39 , Heinz Höra
Bravo Edoardo!
Heinz, not to disrupt your sensation of a happy coincidence, but right after seeing the Issyk Kul view I prompted Edoardo to enter the panoramic arena with his Tien Shan material...
Last night I came home late, right after a meeting with Edoardo in which we did not even speak about photography (namely, the subject of our meeting was the exchange of an expedition stove), and with a certain surprise I found that he had already done the job!
2013/11/14 11:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
Dear Alberto, dear Edoardo

I personally did not think a second of a coincidence, the WWW is too widespread to allow for such things to happen. The only thing I did not know was why Edoardo was stumbling across the lake-view. Now I know why and I am absolutely happy, that pp is enriched by these terrific views I am frequently staring at during the last days.

I dearly hope that you Edoardo with take the chance to share more pictures with us as I do for my father who is travelling extensively.

Alberto: It is all about organization skills ;-)

Herzlichst Christoph
2013/11/14 14:56 , Christoph Seger
Alberto, as I had wondered about the pictures of Eduardo, I thought well of you because your entry with Pik Korshenevskaja.
But I didn't expect that you've organized this entry by Eduardo.
2013/11/14 15:49 , Heinz Höra
H.H.: for "historical precision", my very first panorama on this site came from Volcán Tunupa in Bolivia. That day on Tunupa for the first time I went above 4810 metres, and for the first time I climbed a mountain together with Edoardo - all this, on the first travel that I made with him.
So, with all the respect for Evgenia Korjenevskaya (picasaweb.google.com/albertopedrotti/Pamir7495?noredirect=1#5511846926379870866), the authentic place of firsts is Tunupa!
Moreover, the first time that I had a dinner with Edoardo was at "La Rosa Náutica" in Lima (do not miss this place if you pass through Lima!); the last one had been at Café Segafredo in Dushanbe (do not miss Segafredo if you want to have some spaghetti in Central Asia!). Then, few weeks ago, we met again after three years on Passo Manghen, 2047 m, in the Lagorai ("Fleimstaler Alpen" on APA), he cycling up from N, me cycling up from S. Do not miss the Manghen if, maybe after Sella or Pordoi, you want to enjoy an incredible Alpine pass out of the crowds (www.alpen-panoramen.de/panorama.php?pid=19623).
2013/11/14 17:44 , Pedrotti Alberto
Another question for Heinz (or for anybody who knows): I saw your Udeuschle rendering with that useful grid which I never obtained... I parsed your request string finding a "_grid" which, added by hand to a string of mine, does the job. But: is there a button anywhere to do this? One which I always missed, I guess!
2013/11/14 23:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
Ich pflichte Alberto bei - das Netz über dem Geländemodell ist ein tolles Feature! Gibt es da noch andere versteckte "Adjektive" wie "_grid"?
Herzlichst Christoph
2013/11/15 09:41 , Christoph Seger
Ja, die große Frage ist: wie kann einer solche Geheimnisse annähern?
Vielleicht muss man mit Ulrich (selbstverständlich, nicht jenem ohne Eigenschaften) im Traum gesprochen haben!
2013/11/15 18:12 , Pedrotti Alberto
Alberto, Deine "historical precision" ist vollkommen berechtigt, da ich aber von früher mehr nach Osten orientiert war, habe ich Dich erst bei Pik Korshenevskaja wahrgenommen. Doch das kann ich ja jetzt ändern, zumal schon äußerst interessant ist, von Weltreisenden wie Dir und Eduardo zu erfahren, was sich alles zutragen kann.
2013/11/15 19:21 , Heinz Höra
Welcome to p-p ... and thanks for the two really great pictures, Eduardo!!

I want more ;-) ... tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2013/11/15 19:25 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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