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1 Bobotov Kuk, 2523
2 Zeleni Vir (hidden)
3 Stit, 2236


Aufnahmestandort: Path to Zeleni Vir and Bobotov Kuk (1940 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Serbia And Montenegro      Datum: 23-08-2013
After having published "Heart of the Marmarole" on APA in black and white, for this "Heart of Durmitor" I return to colour, in order not to be banned from the community.
The summits which I am able to name herein are no more than two. Maybe others will come with further research, or even with the help by some local, as has happened for the Prokletije.
Ten vertical images, 16 mm (x 1.5), 1/200 sec, f/13.
Larger: www.panoramio.com/photo/98934766


Eine sehr ungewöhnliche, interessante Felsenstruktur. LG Fried
07.11.2013 20:22 , Friedemann Dittrich
Sono posti che solo tu puoi raggiungere...
07.11.2013 21:27 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Very nice pano. A stunning cliffy formation on the right. VG HJ
07.11.2013 21:40 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Sehenswert die Meteorologie in die Geologie eingebettet!!! LG Hans-Jörg
07.11.2013 23:55 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
HJBay: interesting comment! Yes, the stratifications, that in the centre of the image have undergone that perfect 90° rotation, on the side of the Stit are bent in a chaotic manner, originating the famous feature known as Zeleni Pasovi, the "green layers":
Then, behind the Stit, that is, on the Prutas (hidden), the stratifications are vertical again:
Find also an image better than mine on the parent page on Summitpost.
Once you know this feature of the Prutas, you can recognize it even here:
Well, I have to admit that this is indeed a tough benchmark for the performance of the sensor - and maybe also for that of the observer!

HJBäu: ja, das war wirklich das Thema des Tages, bis zum letzten Licht:
08.11.2013 01:38 , Pedrotti Alberto
A splendid landscape perfectly framed!
Herzlichst Christoph
09.11.2013 08:55 , Christoph Seger
Nice folding. Very interesting from a geological point of view.
09.11.2013 22:08 , Matthias Stoffels
Sehr schön!
VG, Danko.
10.11.2013 10:34 , Danko Rihter
Stunning. I intensively noticed the geological features and folds exposed with a richness of forms at the surface when driving through Morocco and attributed this to the lack of covering soil in the desert. In the Candaian Rockies, the rocks above treeline now showed similar variety. But this less exotic place seems to beat them all - and the grass between the layers of rock even accentuates the picture. Cheers, Martin
11.11.2013 20:30 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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