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1 Bogdan :)
2 Pawel :)
3 Good Polish Mineral Water
4 Kucki Kom - Komovi
5 Stari Vrch
6 Ljevorijecki Kom
7 Maganik
8 Moracke Planina
9 Babin Zum - Sinjajevina
10 Dutmitor
11 Stavna Plateau
12 Bjelasica
13 Lim
14 Summit of Vasojevicki Kom
15 Fire in Prokletije
16 Deravica - Kosovo
17 Maja Jezerce - Albanian Prokletije
18 Maja Shnikut


Location: Kom Vasojevicki (2460 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Serbia And Montenegro      Date: 11.07.2012


Hier möchte ich auch gerne ein eine Vesper einlegen. Sehr schönes Panorama mit den richtigen Farben, und der richtigen Schärfe.
2013/10/27 17:09 , Rainer Ulm
I see that, week after week, the dark hole corresponding to the mountains of Montenegro is being filled!
There is some evidence, however, that the proposed location is not correct. Actually, you chose the mountain immediately north of Vermosh, Albania, which according to my map of Albania should be Maja e Marlulës, 2188 m - probably the rightmost mountain in your image.
From the Kom Vasojecki, as the image itself shows, rather than Vermosh south you see the Tresnjevik pass north ( ).
The coordinate that I propose is 42.68735, 19.66676.
2013/10/28 19:19 , Pedrotti Alberto
Yes, Alberto, You`re absolutelly right, its not easy to find on map exactly point of Vasojevicki Kom, especially in countries like Montenegro, not too many orientation points. Thanks for post.
2013/10/30 19:41 , Konrad Sus

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