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Location: Pyhätunturi (540 m)      by: Andreas Thalmeier
Area: Finland      Date: 02.01.2008
The photos for this panorama were made on the second of January 2008 at about 11:30 a.m. on the summit of the Pyhätunturi.
This Fjell is located north the Arctic Circle, and at this time of the year during the Polar Night, the sun can´t be seen from Pyhä village.


...very hot this sunrise.
2008/03/25 23:00 , Miguel Peixeiro
Einfach traumhaft! 
2009/01/11 16:58 , Pascal Andres
Very nice capture of the polar-night-sun! I know that, I once had sunrise and sunset during lunch break in northern norway!;-)
2009/01/11 17:31 , Robert Mitschke
coooool !-) 
LG Christian
2009/12/01 23:04 , Christian Hönig

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Andreas Thalmeier

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