The Stok Range in the Transhimalaya   11941
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1 Stok (village and palace)
2 Golep Kangri 5950m
3 Leh 3500m
4 Shuku Kangri 6000m
5 Stok Kangri 6150m
6 Indus and Indus valley
7 Rumbak Kangri 5210m
8 Leh Airport


Location: Leh (3500 m)      by: Wolfgang Schmähling
Area: India      Date: 17.07.2013
From this morning from a small hill above my hotel. You are overlooking the upper Indus valley with the outskirts of Leh and the Stok mountain range with it's highest summit, the Stok Kangri at 6150m. Leh is in Ladakh, which is ethnologically and geographically actually part of Tibet, but is now politically part of India.
The photo was taken around 6am before sunrise at my spot.


It does not happen every morning to wake up and see a similar landscape.
2013/07/19 23:55 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Wolfgang Schmähling


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