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1 Capo di Monte Santu
2 Golfo di Orosei
3 Supramonte di Dorgali
4 Monte Irveri, 616
5 Monte Tului, 917
6 Monte Bardia, 882
7 Punta Sa Pruna, 1389
8 Orosei
9 Monte S'Ospile, 577
10 Punta Corrasi, 1463
11 Monte Tuttavista, 805
12 554
13 Fiume Cedrino
14 Punta Catirina, 1127
15 SS 125


Location: SS125 Orientale Sarda (31 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 05-01-2012
The Cedrino plain is the corniche of the novel "Canne al vento" by Grazia Deledda, the writer born among the mountains of Sardegna who in 1928 won the Nobel Prize for literature. The book is all about the struggle between old and new, tradition and progress, island and mainland. Three unmarried sisters live in their ancient family house, with the old servant Efix (a very common and typical name in Sardegna). But their immutable life is upset when the fourth sister comes back from the Italian "continent" - where she once fled - with her teen-age son Giacinto...
The amount of places labeled in the panorama is negligible with respect to the amount of real places mentioned throughout the narration - one of those which let you "breathe" a place. In cases like this, when a landscape is so stricty bound to a book, it is difficult to establish which one comes first - I mean, if you consider the landspace as an explanation of the book, or if the converse is rather true.
Just for information, for me this time the book came first, since I read it in 1990 while is was for the first time in Sardegna (and in Orosei) in 2006.
In itself, this is one of the most ordinary places in Sardegna, although being the door to the most extraordinary one, namely, the desert and rocky coast between Orosei and Arbatax, and the Supramonte, which can be seen here in the background.


Bellla Italia!
2013/06/22 14:47 , Christian Hönig
A very nice idea. The poetry with the eye of the photographer come to life.
2013/06/23 11:47 , Werner Schelberger
It feels very relaxed und is very beautiful! Saluti da Toronto, Augustin
2013/06/23 17:45 , Augustin Werner
Etwas besondweres und schön gezeigt. Herzliche Grüße Velten
2013/06/24 04:45 , Velten Feurich

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Pedrotti Alberto

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