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1 Ferrari Enzo
2 Ferrari F1-2000
3 Ferrari F1 126C
4 Ferrari F150 (prototype)
5 Ferrari 599XX
6 Ferrari F1-90
7 Ferrari F50
8 Ferrari F40
9 Ferrari 288 GTO


Location: Maranello (137 m)      by: Cavalier Jean-Yves
Area: Italy      Date: 13/04/2013
New exhibition "Ferrari Supercar" at the Ferrari Museum.
This pano takes me a lot of time because stiching was very difficult without tripod with a wide angle lens.
8 pictures without tripod.
EOS 7D Sigma 17-50 2.8 at 17mm f/6.3 1/100s ISO-800


Very nice!!! And I believe you that that was a difficult stitch with the F1 126 in the foreground (and you can see a little stitch error on the front spoiler and the yellow line but hey)
Looks very good - I like it a lot.
One small niggle - the markers are in black and very difficult to read - and I like my cars so I wanted to know which one is which.

Well done!!
2013/04/29 21:49 , Barcud Revnik
There are some details to be corrected, but I am exhausted by this pano !
I changed label's colors.
2013/04/29 22:22 , Cavalier Jean-Yves

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Cavalier Jean-Yves

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