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1 Ollague, 5868
2 Llixar, 5470
3 Aucanquilcha, 6148, 140 km
4 Uquilla, 5072
5 Direction Lipez region
6 Julina, 5171
7 Caltama, 5373
8 Tirani, 5218
9 Mancha, 5020
10 Jaruma, 4785
11 Caltama, 5010
12 Sapayo, 5170
13 Sillahuay, 5982
14 Isla Lomo Pescado
15 Tetivilla, 5010
16 Grande, 5050
17 Direction Salar de Coipasa
18 Direction Coqueza
19 Tunupa, 5321
20 Coqueza
21 Soloma, 4185
22 Direction Colchani - Uyuni


Location: Isla Incahuasi (3700 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Bolivia      Date: 13-08-2009
A cactus-covered island on the Salar de Uyuni.
The word, in the Quechua language, means "House of the Inca". This is a name which returns also elsewhere in the Andes: for example, it belongs to a big volcano in the Puna de Atacama, close to the Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano in the world, whose name in turn means "the eyes of the salty plain". Curiously enough, but not surprisingly, we have some "Ojos del Salar" also at Colchani, close to Uyuni; here the "ojos" are little permanent lakes at the border of the Salar, whose surface is normally dry, like here, except after heavy rains, when a thin layer of water happens to cover the salty surface (
Although having so few things to name, here we live in the reign of topographic confusion, and in most sources, notably including Google, the island is confused with the "nearby" (so to say...) Isla Lomo del Pescado, called this way because seen from the surface of the salar it displays the silhouette of a swimming fish. I have marked the position of the correct Pescado island.


Der Wahnsinn!
Hier empfiehlt sich übrigens auch der Blick auf Google Earth, weiß so weit das Auge reicht.
2013/02/20 14:55 , Jens Vischer
Absolutely awesome!! 
Ein Traum von einem Bild in einem Albtraum von Umgebung - hier wird Landschaft klein und Gegend groß geschrieben. Das wäre die richtige Foto-Tapete für mich (das ist das erste Bild auf dieser Seite, das ich mir auch wirklich zu Hause hinhängen würde). Das Weiß hast du großartig hinbekommen!!

PS: Warum erst nach vier Jahren ????
2013/02/20 17:23 , Christoph Seger
Ist doch toll... 
wenn solche Überraschungen kommen!
Staunen pur!
Gruss Walter
2013/02/20 18:22 , Walter Schmidt
Amazing landscape and pano. Looks like this place is approachable by car - or did you go the 40km by bike? Cheers, Martin
2013/02/20 19:31 , Martin Kraus
I guess whoever goes by bike to the rim of this salt-pan goes also over it :-)
2013/02/20 19:54 , Christoph Seger

Jörg E.
2013/02/20 20:06 , Jörg Engelhardt
Come fai a trovarli questi panorami?
2013/02/20 20:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
what a view!!
2013/02/20 20:43 , Michael Strasser
... although in comparison to the first Panorama (from the same region) you shared on this website, this location seems very easy to reach and may actually get crowded with tourists!

Thank you for sharing!
2013/02/21 00:43 , Augustin Werner
I see that the questions raised are actually already well-answered!
Yes, the place is unpleasantly crowded; it is the target of the perfect one-day-tour from Uyuni for the tourist in search for the comfortable Salar adventure. By bicycle I hope to be there in the future, in 2009 I was there only in the utmost mass-touristic way, namely, on a Toyota. Nevertheless, as Augustin points out, I did already supply from the surroundings less standard images, with far less standard atmospheres and/or standpoints. Search Google Images for "Isla Incahuasi", and then, for contrast, try to locate on the nearby Tunupa a companion to the panorama quoted by Augustin, or to my favourite, the Sentinel!
Since, according to my observations, popularity is inversely proportional to originality, the present one was a potential killer for the others - that is why it had to come last! Of course, at the time, after delaying it, I also forgot it, but now the memory has been awakened by the work published on MP (and quoted above), so... here we are.
2013/02/21 17:53 , Pedrotti Alberto
Ganz verrückte Landschaft und mit eines der aussergewöhnlichsten Motive hier auf p-p. Danke fürs zeigen. VG HJ
2013/02/21 23:11 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Incredible Pano Alberto!

I did not like the strong colours at Arroz Panorama so much but your Pano is still breathtakin! Thanks a lot for your great work!

greetings Seb
2013/02/22 11:02 , Sebastian Becher
LG Werner
2013/02/22 15:59 , Werner Schelberger
Ja, die Farben von Arroz sind etwas stark... aber nicht "vergebens", glaube ich, weil die wiedergegebene Stimmung auch stark ist!
Bei mir "bleibt" der Salar BW; in der Wirklichkeit ist doch das Weiss viel reiner als hier: ich habe den Regler Struktur etwas gedreht, um das kuriose Spiel der verschiedenen Pisten zu zeigen.
Dieses Subjekt hat eine Fläche von 10.600 km^2, fast wie meine Region, Trentino Alto Adige (13.600 km^2); so habe ich gedacht, auf dem Weiss etwas einzufügen...
Natürlich staune ich, wenn ich sehe, wie ich in 2009 ein Anfänger war (leider staune ich noch mehr wenn ich sehe, wie ich noch in 2013 ein Anfänger oft bin). Hätte ich nur ein wenig fortgesetzt... und das auf beiden Seiten, aber besonders auf der rechten, wo die Insel ein ganz schönes Finale hat, wie man in sieht. Aber die zwei Standorte zeigen einen zu grossen Unterschied, um etwas auszuprobieren.
2013/02/22 23:45 , Pedrotti Alberto
Crowded with tourists and easy to get there? It's all relative.
How many hours on an airplane, how many stop overs simply to get to La Paz from Europe?
How many hours from there to Potosi, then Uyuni then the Salar (even with a Toyota)?

I remember visiting Bolivia in July 1994 as a backpacker, wearing layers of sweaters at night and regularly sleeping with a hat, because it was so cold in the (dirt cheap) hotel rooms.

My (also dirt cheap) camera then had a fixed focus lens and only three (automatic) and was totally overwhelmed by the Salar's brightness, but the memories of this breathtakingly beautiful scenery remain.

For those interested in the place, I would also like to recommend the following full spherical panorama taken during rainy season, when the salt lake turns into a giant mirror (I don't know its photographer):,1.43,120.0
2013/02/23 02:16 , Augustin Werner
Eine hervorragende Dokumentation dieser außergewöhnlichen, fremden Welt. LG Fried
2013/02/23 06:21 , Friedemann Dittrich
Yes, it is relative, however... Lonely Planet itself warns: "You will have some trouble here while trying to take a shot free of people".
Actually, today I have checked the standalone pictures "on both sides" of the pano directory: they are all fairly crowded. That is presumably why I did not extend the FOV further - see the complaints in my comment above. (The one written, I don't know why, in a purported German...)
Consider also that nowadays a noticeable amount of touristic flow reaches the Uyuni - Lipez region directly from Argentina and/or Chile, that is, people show up here without having coped with the actually long and tough piste coming from La Paz - Oruro. As a result, this actually turns out not to be a very Lonely spot of the Planet!
2013/02/23 15:15 , Pedrotti Alberto
Amazing landscape!
Very well done too!
2013/02/28 23:05 , Danko Rihter

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