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1 Sella col Monte Conca, 2214
2 Cima Palú, 2261
3 Passo Palú, 2070
4 Val Tasàineri
5 Monte Slimber, 2204
6 Santa Maria Maddalena
7 Cima d'Ezze, 2351
8 intertòl
9 Palú del Fersina
10 Sette Selle, 2396
11 Sasso Rotto, 2396
12 Hoamonder, 2197
13 Lo Stocher, 1981
14 Ponte di Knappen
15 Cima Cavè, 2296
16 Monte del Lago, 2327
17 Il Mèus
18 Valcava
19 Pizzo Alto, 2213
20 Brenstal
21 Il Mut, 2158
22 Oscivart, 2284
23 Hacleri
24 Lo Spitz
25 Slompi
26 Cima d'Orno
27 Kiesereck
28 Becco di Filadonna, 2150
29 Fierozzo San Felice
30 Falésina
31 Vigolana
32 Becco della Ceriola, 1935
33 Fierozzo San Francesco
34 Castello di Pergine
35 Pergine
36 Susà
37 Sant'Orsola
38 Marzola, 1738
39 Stivo, 2059


Location: Bivio Redebus (1320 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 25-01-2012
This panorama is far from a masterpiece, but at least it has two interesting connections. The one with N.12159, taken the following day by Giuseppe Marzulli, is self-explaining. For the one with my own N.12152, taken maybe three hours earlier, a hint is perhaps needed. Namely, here one notes a dot of light right on the summit of Hoamonder: it is neither a star nor a headlamp, but an illuminated cross. Diversely, the evident light over the ridge of Cima Cavè is an authentic inhabitant of the sky - on the Panoramio version one also appreciates the remarkable snow cornices hanging below it... Still diversely, some visible flares come again from Earth, namely, from the lens, but I have left them since they do not disturb me too much. I have included even the "horrible" snow-pole on the right side: it reminds how that night is was impossible to mount a tripod outside the road, since the fluffy snow covered everything. Incidentally, the pole points straight to the standpoint of APA N.21211, where the Valle del Mocheni is positioned right at the centre.
I think that never before this weekend had the so called "enchanted valley" (about which one can read also my N.14682 on APA) known such a siege by the panorama-makers!


Yes, we were very close to meet. Sooner or later ...
2013/01/29 23:50 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Pedrotti Alberto

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