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1 Sejerø lighthouse, 26 km
2 Marebjerg cliff 11 m, 24 km
3 Tjørnebjerg cliff 12 m, 24 km
4 Eskebjerg 25 m, 25 km
5 Skagelse Bjerg 29 m, 24 km
6 Bybjerg 26 m, 22 km
7 Knoldebjerg 27 m, 23 km
8 Ferry, Sejerø - Havnsø
9 Sejerø Havn, habour21 km
10 Sejerby Kirke, church, 21 km
11 Tyvsbjerg Hage Cliff 15 m, 21 km
12 Grønnebjerg 27 m, 21 km
13 Lille Vrøj 3 m, 7 km
14 Lundshøj 21 m, 21 km
15 Saltbæk Vig -2 m, 6 km
16 Skelbjerg Hage 22 m, 21 km
17 Dam 2 m, 7 km
18 Kongshøj 30 m, 20 km
19 Lindehoved skov, forest, 19 m, 20 km
20 Saltbæk Vig -2 m, 6 km
21 Southeastreef, 19 km
22 Store Vrøj 4 m, 7 km
23 Forested part on Gniben, outermost part of Sjællands Odde peninsula, 34 km
24 Krageø 10 m (behind the trees), 7 km - artificial hill
25 Brokkebjerg 26 m, Sjællands Odde peninsula, 34 km


Location: Eskilsbjerg (43 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2012-12-13, 10:37
In addition to pano #12028. The pano shows Sejerø island and the western part of Saltbæk Vig. Apart from whatever informations that are conveyed here, the combination of white snow and blue sea can be rather transient in Denmark, and therefore also interesting to show. Certainly there can be periods with snow, but since the late 80's these periods have been shorter and fewer. The pano, like the one before, was shot during a trip with the kindergarten where I work. I brought the camera in hope of a short photo-opportunity.

Pano made from 12 pics (RAW), 300 mm handheld, iso-100, 1/800s, f/7,1, developed in DPP (TIFF), stitched with PTgui.

The two panos from here were the first where I have manually set the colourtemperature. However, I cannot find it in the EXIF's, and in DPP I always reset the pics in "revert to shot settings". But around 7000 K, as I remember...


Winter of his beautiful page. It looks realistic and is full of atmosphere. It snowed here in Hesse, but unfortunately it is quite foggy.
2013/01/23 22:48 , Jörg Braukmann
300mm handheld, man you hold the camera steady ! A very pretty winter scene. The distant high fog (or clouds whatever it was) look like a wall - on the left hand side. VG HJ
2013/01/24 04:16 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
If it were not for the sea, this could as well be a landscape in southern Germany, with its patchwork of trees, houses and meadows. LG Wilfried
2013/01/24 10:31 , Wilfried Malz
The same like Geirs Pano - a little bit less sky and it could be also a little bit better!

But also nice work!

greetings Seb
2013/01/24 16:50 , Sebastian Becher
@Jörg B: Danke!
@Hans-Jürgen: Danke! But both the lens and the IS is high-end for this 300 mm. Also I usually mess up somewhere during the shooting, so I always make more series - often 10. Then likely at least some of them can be used. The clouds are the front of a snowweather being pushed away by a highpressure from the east.
@Wilfried: Funny you say that. Did you mean contrary to the north-german siedlungsstruktur? Of course Northgermany looks a lot like Denmark, but one of the "little differences" is, that in Denmark small farms are scattered all over the landscape, with larger and older farmhouses situated in the old villages, with more village-bound sielungen in Northgermany (right?).
@Sebastian: Yes, the crop...I wanted to avoid the 50/50 thing, so I chose to keep the fine lines in the sky, and give up a little of the foreground. But certainly a subject to discuss.

Greetings to all, Jan.
2013/01/24 20:54 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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