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1 Atlantic ocean
2 Steel sphere
3 Pond


Location: Belem, Lisboa (20 m)      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Portugal      Date: 2012-10-05
The Champalimaud Foundation Research Institute in Lisboa also known as "Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown" is dedicated to allow a deeper insight into oncology and neurosciences (www.neuro.fchampalimaud.org/en/). It was opened in October 2010 and was designed by the Indian star-architect Charles Correa (www.e-architect.co.uk/portugal/champalimaud_foundation.htm).

I loveed strolling around the centers public gardens, many stairways and pathways allowed interesting views. I quote Correa from the internet source given above:
“At the end of the ramp are two stone monoliths, straight from the quarry, as primordial as Stonehenge. When you reach the highest point, you begin to see a large body of water – which seemingly connects to the ocean beyond. In the centre of this water body, just below the surface of the water, is an oval shaped sculpture - made of stainless steel and slightly convex, so that it reflects the blue sky and passing clouds above.”

I loved the combination of 21st century architecture and the quite old olive tree flanking an out-side amphitheater.

Technical details
9 HF RAW Aufnahmen with the Canon 550D at 17 mm (27 mm KB).
15:15 MEZ, f/18, 1/200-1/400, ISO 100.
DPP, Hugin, Gimp.


I also like the contrast.
2012/12/10 00:05 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Sehr schön gemacht, das Gebäude ist wirklich faszinierend und auch gar nicht so leicht in ein Pano zu packen.
2012/12/10 09:01 , Jens Vischer
Dachte, es sei eine hochpräzise Modellaufnahme eines Architekten! ;- ))
Schön, dass Du uns Sachen "aus aller Welt" zeigst!
Grüsse von Walter
2012/12/10 10:21 , Walter Schmidt
Sehr gut!
(D)ein UFO hebt hoffentlich nicht mehr ab :-).
VG Danko.
2012/12/10 21:18 , Danko Rihter
Sehr gut machen sich auch die 2 Personen...

Jörg E.
2012/12/10 23:18 , Jörg Engelhardt

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Christoph Seger

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