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1 Y Garn (629m)
2 Rhobell Tawr (734m)
3 Aran Fawddwy (905m)
4 Mynydd Moel (863m)
5 Cadair Idris (893m)
6 Craig Las (661m)
7 Fairbourne
8 Llwyngwril


Location: Panorama Walk, Barmouth, Mid Wales, (145 m)      by: Paul Chater
Area: United Kingdom      Date: 28 April 2012
A cold overcast day with strong winds. Overlooking the River Mawddach - 180 deg using 15 photos hand held.

Re-loaded photo due to comment about the sea horizon. However, it should be noted that coastline of Cardigan Bay is visible for many kilometres south of here, so you are seeing the coast as well as the sea's horizon.

Canon 7D, 18-200mm lens, ISO 100, 1/60 at f8


Oopps... some problems with the horizon on the right side... the sea will be empty soon :-)

2012/10/17 20:23 , Jörg Engelhardt
When it first opened on the screen I wondered if it was Central Asia...
2012/10/18 22:25 , Pedrotti Alberto
Wales is wonderful country. When I was there first time I thought I was in the garden of Eden.

Best regards, Radek

PS Alberto, Eden was obviously in Asia. ;)
2012/12/28 16:33 , RRady (Radek R.)

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Paul Chater

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