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Wajahat Iqbal belongs to the beautiful Kashmir Valley but now works outside his native place.His passion of photography drives his soul to reach extremities of Remote Regions like Bhutan,Pangong in Leh Ladakh,Krimmer Falls in Austria and beyond.He uses photography as a means to travel to different places,experience new cultures and express his desire to show the world from his Eyes and Heart.Work published by National Geographic STOCK IMAGES Collection. Thanks for all your comments and(or) favs,always truly appreciated! © Copyright Wajahat Iqbal.All rights reserved All photos are protected by copyright laws and may not be used on websites, blogs or other media without his written permission; they may not be edited or used in other artworks, neither in total nor in parts. Violations will cause legal consequences. If you want to contact him please do at Wajahat_Iqbal@yahoo.com Appreciate your comments and Time

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Canon EOS 300D,Nikon D 300 and Combination of Nikkor,Sigma and Canon Lenses.
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Sunset in Nun Kun Massif   Suru Valley (India)

- 23.08.2013 - WAJAHAT IQBAL
Nun Kun Massif in the Himalayas   Suru Valley (India)

- 23.08.2013 - WAJAHAT IQBAL