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1 Bastionul Graft
2 Dealul Melcilor 670 m
3 Casa Sfatului
4 Tâmpa 955 m
5 Biserica Neagra


Location: Brasov - The White Tower      by: Pop Horatiu
Area: Romania      Date: 10th of March 2012
The picture was shot from The White Tower which is situated on the Warthe Hill. This tower is part of the former defense system of Brasov. Also, in the background of the picture the Tampa Mountain (995 meters) can be seen. From the top of Tampa a breathtaking view of Brasov and the surroundings is revealed. Many people say that Brasov (Kronstadt) is the most beautiful city from Romania. More information about Brasov you can get from


Hi Pop,
a beautiful panorama!
Perhaps you can increase the contrast and put up the church.


2012/03/22 11:14 , Christian Hönig
25 years ago I visited Kronstadt. It's a beautiful city and I wish to visit again.
2012/03/22 22:28 , Stephan Messner
Nice pano.

Mt. Tampa has only 955 m. :-)


2012/04/08 19:46 , Catalin Ionescu
Hello Catalin,
On the official site of Brasov ( Tampa has 995 m. Anyway thanks for the comment.
2012/04/09 12:29 , Pop Horatiu

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Pop Horatiu

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