Church of San Giovanni Battista, in Mogno   41916
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Location: Mogno, Ticino, Switzerland      by: Malcolm Etherington
Area: Switzerland      Date: June 2011
In 1986 the original 350-year-old church in this small hamlet of Mogno, together with several uninhabited houses, was destroyed by an avalanche. This is the modern replacement built in the 1990s and designed by the Ticinese architect Mario Botta.
The controversial design has a glass roof but no windows and incorporates alternating layers of native white Peccia marble and grey Vallemaggia granite. The outside curvature appears to be shaped to withstand any future avalanches.


Interesting place, nice pano. Why did you cut the arch in the middle and why didn't you make this fully symmetrical? Cheers, Martin
2011/11/29 21:04 , Martin Kraus
VERY Special. I agree - why the destruction of symmetry ??
2011/12/08 14:10 , Christoph Seger
The original panorama is actually a full 360° and can be seen at

Someone has chosen to display only a small section on the website,

Maybe I should reduce the dimensions?
2011/12/13 11:10 , Malcolm Etherington
To see the complete panorama you must click the 'Viewer' icon at the top left of the page
2011/12/13 15:37 , Malcolm Etherington

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