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1 Bocca di Nord-Est (1980-81), 3317
2 Cratere Centrale, 3253


Location: Etna (3250 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 20-07-2008
While watching on television the Giro d'Italia arriving on the Etna, I remembered to have this panorama resting on my computer. The shooting point is only 20 minutes walking far away from the highest point (3104 m) that can be reached by bicycle on the Rifugio Sapienza - Piano Provenzana traverse of the mountain.
This is one of the less interesting photos that I have shot on Etna, but it is the only panoramic one!



A perfect match with today's Giro stage - thank you very much.

As one said describing the landscape in a cycling chat today: "Mordor!" :-)
2011/05/15 21:23 , Arne Rönsch
I dont wanna went by Bike at this area!!! nice view Alberto!

But please not this dope cheat again! Cari saluti Seb
2011/05/16 15:36 , Sebastian Becher

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Pedrotti Alberto

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