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1 Radio Tower
2 Groß St. Martin
3 Cathedral
4 Musical Dome
5 St. Kunibert
6 Hohenzollernbrücke


Location: Deutzer Brücke (60 m)      by: Thomas Schabacher
Area: Germany      Date: April, 2006


Dear Thomas, will you please increase the pixel height to 1000. It will do wonders to the quality of your panorama site. Everything is well done except that 500 px height. Even the file size can be kept about similar because the reduction of the file size to inbetween your limits doesn't change the quality a lot. The big gain will be the sharpness and the ability to show panoramas with a lot of height, much better. thanks, Mentor Depret
2020/06/13 17:23 , Mentor Depret

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Thomas Schabacher


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