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1 Grimaldtoppen 802m
2 Ny Alesund Airport
3 Kongsfjorden
4 Blomstrandhalvoya isle
5 Bratiekollen 383m
6 Feiringfjellet 1054m
7 Ny Alesund Port
8 Gasoline station
9 Marraskallen 1195m
10 Italian C.N.R. Base "Dirigibile Italia"
11 German Base
12 Norway Station
13 French Station
14 Main Building
15 Korean Station
16 Chinese Base
17 Kongsbreen Glacier
18 mast constructed for the successful flight of the NORGE dirigible and the ill-fated flight of the ITALIA dirigible
19 Exilfielet 1070m
20 Kongsbreen Glacier
21 Svea (Tre Kronor) 1232m
22 Nora (Tre Kronor) 1225m
23 Collethogda 610m
24 Dana (Tre Kronor)
25 Nielsenfjellet 878m
26 Haavimbfjellet


Location: Gruvenbadet - Ny Alesund (20 m)      by: Daniele ceccato Daniele1357
Area: Svalbard And Jan Mayen      Date: 01/08/2010
Canon EOS 500D - Canon 55-250mm IS.
20 photo stitch, F11, 1/400 sec, 100mm, ISO 100
This panorama is taken from the roof of the Gruvenbadet Laboratory, 1 km far from Ny Alesund, Svalbard.


This panorama is very instructiv and impressiv. Only the right end is redundantly.
Can You give us any explanations to the glaciers.
2010/08/05 21:40 , Heinz Höra
I added the name of the glacier as label.

That is the Kongsbreen Glacier. During winter all the Kongsfjord is iced, the pack it start to melt during spring. All the glaciers here are reducing the dimensions, I was to a seminar few days ago where an English researcher told they measured 10m of reduction, yearly.
2010/08/06 15:41 , Daniele ceccato Daniele1357

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