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Location: Albenga      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Italy      Date: 04.06.2010
14 portrait pictures
ISO 80 F/4 1/320s 28mm
300° view


nice Pano Marco! but it looks like a Stitching failure between 220° an 240°! greetings Seb
2010/06/11 10:39 , Sebastian Becher
Couldn´t believe that the sun in Italy has a position of 6 degrees to the North... this is maybe possible at the North cape mid of June 20 minutes past midnight :-)

2010/06/11 12:05 , Jörg Engelhardt
@SEB : Thanks for your hint...I hope now I've fixed it.
@JÖRG: Didn't you know that Earth axis changed position (it's 2012 end of the World!)? ;-) ... anyway I fixed it.
2010/06/30 16:29 , Marco Nipoti
...oh yes, I forgot. The arrival of the extraterrestrials :-)

Anyway - 4 stars. I remember Albenga passing through some years ago on a street bike tour from Munich to San Remo. Very nice landscape there...

2010/07/01 15:46 , Jörg Engelhardt
@JÖRG: WOW! **** stars go to your journey!
2010/07/02 16:06 , Marco Nipoti

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