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Location: Via Ticino - PAdova - Italy (30 m)      by: Daniele ceccato Daniele1357
Area: Italy      Date: 08/05/2010
This is a Graffiti made over a former fabric wall.



Congratulations for showing us a view of Bella Italia that is not pretty in the traditional sense! The building minus the graffiti would look absolutely normal here in Canada!
Ciao Augustin
2010/05/11 03:02 , Augustin Werner
I am absolutely sure about that!!
This is a former industrial unit, now meeting point for young people, as club for music, expositions, beer and so on. Is located in a degraded part of the town. Maybe in short time will be destroyed.

I saw too much better buildings in Canada when I was there, be sure that your country is really clean and in perfect order compared with Italy ;-). you miss the historical cultural heritages... nothing else.

2010/05/11 19:45 , Daniele ceccato Daniele1357

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Daniele ceccato Daniele1357

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