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1 Verdal
2 Cernera
3 Piz del Corvo
4 Col de la Puina
5 Chiesa di Santa Fosca (XIV secolo)
6 Monte Pelmo


Location: Colle Santa Lucia (1500 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Italy      Date: 1.9.2009
Not my real birthland (which is Venice, Italy), but really one of the most beautiful valleys in Dolomites - and a place of my heart.


As you know, Alvise, I think your heart chose quite a good place to live. :-)
2009/09/24 22:22 , Arne Rönsch
Tolles Pano, das aber auch gut zu A-P passen würde. LG Hans
2009/09/25 16:45 , Johann Ilmberger
www.alpen-panoramen.de would be the right homesite for this ****-Panorama.
2009/09/25 16:56 , Jörg Braukmann
Indeed a very beautiful piece of land and a nice and balanced panaromic picture. LG Robert
2009/09/25 21:57 , Robert Viehl
wonderful Panorama Alvise! at most the great Pelmo! Seb
2009/09/29 11:40 , Sebastian Becher

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Alvise Bonaldo

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