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1 Torii
2 Shinkansen line
3 narrowly built family homes
4 driving range
5 pagoda


Location: Fushimi Inari Shrine (280 m)      by: Mario Zankl
Area: Japan      Date: 11.11.2006
View over Kyoto on Honshu, Japan. Seemingly forever, the torii-alleys stretch to this scenic spot.
A torii (literally translated: bird's resting place) is a traditional Japanese gate found in Shinto shrines. Thus, they mark the entrance to sacred places but can also be bought and put up by Japanese who wish for luck, health and the like.


Great pano! In the far distance however particular areas with higher noise. Interesting that not only in Korea you do see so many golf driving ranges. Your pano shows at least four... will we see the shrine as well ? Cheers HJ
2009/06/21 20:34 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer

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Mario Zankl

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