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1 Point 5260
2 Viewpoint 5007
3 Nevado Tucu, 5463


Location: Pastoruri (4980 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 09-08-2019
The Pastoruri is a clear example of glacial retreat.
Along the path to the remains of the glacier one finds the marks of the different positions reached by it at subsequent stages.
Here I am not far from the 2015 mark.

Location: -9.91240 -77.18447


Plane gerade unsere diesjährige Radtour. Die 650 km von Veitshöchheim nach Hamburg würde dir ein müdes Lächeln abringen. Kein Wunder angesichts dieser Bilder.

Herzliche Grüße,
2021/03/14 09:51 , Dieter Leimkötter
Kleinste Steigungen mit Rad und Gepäck auf fast 5000 m können doch nur mit zusätzlichem Sauertoff aus der Flasche bewältigt werden, die aber auch noch wiegt, oder man schiebt.
2021/03/14 10:05 , Günter Diez
Seeing this view makes me think this platform should have a "Sad face" button, too, just like facebook. I traveled to Pastoruri in 1994, by tour bus (a small bus) from Huaraz, and then enjoyed the great scenery. For me this may have been the highest altitude i have set foot on, perhaps with Chacaltaya, near La Paz (Bolivia).

I wasn't that much into photography at the time and only traveled with a dirt cheap camera, so as not to attract any pickpockets. In hindsight, a foolish decision of mine - but i still cherish my souvenir pictures from that trip.
2021/03/14 23:37 , Augustin Werner

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Pedrotti Alberto

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