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1 Glendale Lift Bridge
2 Railway Bridge - Toronto-Niagara Falls-New York Line


Location: Welland Canal at St. Catharines, ON (70 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Canada      Date: 14 September 2019
The Great Lakes (of North America) hold more than 20% our planet's fresh water.

Among many other things the lakes also form an important shipping route. Not surprisingly, Niagara Falls represents its greatest obstacle.
The first canal allowing to connect Lake Erie to Lake Ontario while bypassing the falls was opened almost 200 years ago.

The current Welland Canal opened in the early 1930s, has a length of approximately 43km and features seven locks to accommodate the roughly 100m height difference between the two lakes. Whereas the Niagara River forms the border between Ontario/Canada and New York State/US, the Welland Canal runs roughly 10km further west, entirely in Canada.
Its locks can hold ships up to a length of approximately 225meters - which the typical size of freight ships on the lakes. To me those ships seem huge and massive, but they're not as strong as to withstand a big storm on the oceans.

The pano shows an ocean freighter, Federal Rhine, on its way downstream (north) towards Lake Ontario.

The humble looking railway bridge on the left can lift up for the Canal.
The line is used by passenger trains from Toronto to Niagara Falls (and onward to New York). In recent years there was perhaps 1 daily train service between Toronto and New York. In other words, hardly anybody travelling between those two cities would do so by train.
I suppose there hasn't cross border been any cross border train service since March 2020 owing to Covid 19.

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Nicht nur eine interessant dokumentiertes Motiv, sondern auch ein ausgezeichnet aufgebautes Werk mit vielen netten Details, Augustin - danke fürs Präsentieren !!!

Herzliche Grüße
2020/11/15 20:26 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Nach Betrachten und Lesen des Begleittextes fiel mir nur ein Wort ein: Spannend!
LG Jörg
2020/11/15 20:58 , Jörg Nitz
Für ein Binnenschiff gewaltig. Und so wie hier dargestellt ein ausgezeichnetes Motiv für unser geliebtes Querformat. VG Martin
2020/11/17 19:35 , Martin Kraus

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Augustin Werner

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