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1 Ruta al Pastoruri
2 Mururaju, 5688, 18 km
3 Challhua, 5487, 21.5 km
4 Caullaraju Central, 5637, 21 km
5 20 kmCaullaraju W, 5597,
6 Pachacoto
7 Huandoy 6395, 96 km
8 Huascaran Sur, 6768, 84 km
9 Chopicalqui, 6356, 87 km
10 Road Lima - Huaraz
11 Huantsan, 6395


Location: Pachacoto (3770 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 28-07-2019
Although slightly hidden by a hill, this lovely church is visible to the many hundreds of tourists that every day travel by bus from Lima to Huaráz. (There is only one road, here, and no alternatives). However, none of them can stop to visit the church, since the bus passes by, with nothing but a short stop in this village consisting of a dozen of houses. I remembered the place, and stopped while cycling to Conococha and Huayhuash. Coming back via Yanashalla and Pastoruri I passed again through Pachacoto and, actually, the access to the church would indeed be shorter from the road to the Pastoruri, were not for a high fence kept for the cattle. However, with the many attractions of Quebrada Pumapampa (of which, up to now, I presented only the Puya Raymondii) it had become late, and at dusk the priority was to catch a colectivo in order to avoid cycling the whole highway to Huaraz yet another time.
With the many 360° panoramas that I brought from Peru, with snowy peaks and high cordilleras, this is perhaps my favourite. I hope that it can at least give and idea of the magic of the place, and of its atmosphere.

Position: -9.85529 -77.40439
Larger: https://bit.ly/2Vh7Tnr


Wow, reminds me a lot of a trip to USA in 1996 (primarely birdwatching). After a morning visit to Saguaro NM, we drove around, ultimately heading for Nogales, when we came by San Xavier del Bac Mission. Same style, and also in the middle of nowhere. Now the Tucson urban area will likely surround it soon...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mission_San_Xavier_del_Bac
2020/04/10 22:04 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
A really fantastic panorama, Alberto - inspiring, not only at Easter !!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2020/04/11 08:51 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Könnte glatt aus einem Western stammen...:-)
2020/04/11 09:57 , Johannes Ha
Wonderful tranquil scenery. I understand why you like this. The foreground appears a bit dark (at least on my screen). Cheers, Martin
2020/04/11 10:59 , Martin Kraus
und dramatisch schön!

LG & behüt Dich Gott,
2020/04/12 00:08 , Christian Hönig
Danke an allen!

Jan: well, on Google Earth is does not seem yet swallowed by the town. However, the danger is not far...
Pachachoto has far more perspectives of persistence!

Martin: the brighter alternative is on the Testplatz N.22042. I had preferred the darker version (the other one has simply some negative soft contrast applied, a gadget that I use quite often). More significantly, I have also another 360° with the church in full sun, contasting with the surrounding fields mostly in shadow. This was wonderful to see on the place (also to perceive the sun on the shoulders, at a windy 3800 m, was not unpleasant), but on screen it is less effective.
2020/04/14 12:48 , Pedrotti Alberto
Für mich nicht mehr erreichbare Standorte!
Zum Glück bringst Du so überwältigende Panoramas aus Übersee zu uns!
2020/04/14 15:37 , Walter Schmidt

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Pedrotti Alberto

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