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1 Nevado Jullutahuarco, 5400
2 Nevado Ancocancha, 5450
3 Tsacra Grande, 5610
4 Tracra Chico, 5548
5 Rasac Punta, 5129
6 Rasac, 6017, 5.1 km
7 Yerupaja, 6617
8 Yerupaja Sur, 6500
9 Siula Grande, 6344
10 Sarapo, 6127
11 Carnicero, 5960
12 Laguna Santa Rosa
13 Yantauri, 5455
14 Nevado Jurau, 5678
15 Nevado Trapecio, 5644
16 Cerro Jurau, 5304, 5.1 km


Location: Cerro Rosario N ridge (5251 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 03-08-2019
From Cerro Gran Vista (N.26068, or vicinity), I spotted an interesting mountain which could be as well easy as impossible to climb, due to the sum of very steep scree slopes and of highly unreliable rock. The second hypothesis seemed to be the most probable and, actually, turned out to be the right one!
It was not feasible for me to reach the far ridge, since the scree slopes under it seemed at their worst. The close ridge was, since the very beginning, quite adventurous, yet accessible. But it happened to be much longer than it seemed from the Gran Vista, and also interrupted by a serrated sequence of saddles, each one marking the end of a scree couloir on either side, and each one followed by a fierce rock leap... Finally, at the fourth or fifth Aufschwung I had to give up, as had other people before me. Namely, some locals had painted in white an inscription on the rock: This is the highpoint where we have to turn back.
On the way back I shot a series of panoramas which closely reminded me of scenes seen ten years before, in Bolivia. The interested Betrachter is invited to review my very first panorama on this site, N.5952, and to make a comparison...

The name Cerro Rosario is after the Alpenvereinskarte.
I do not remember which source I followed when I marked it as Nevado Caramarca on the Gran Vista 360°. The Andine expert could wonder, more than for Rosario/Caramarca, for Cerro?nevado. The truth that this mountain, although unbelievable according to its appearance from this side, also has a hidden icy summit. This will be apparent from future views from Paso Rasac.

Location: -10.32075 -76.92624


In this case I don't care about a perfect orientation as long as it looks reasonable ;)
2020/03/22 22:26 , Jens Vischer
Now I double-checked the orientation, it should be correct.
2020/03/24 00:07 , Pedrotti Alberto

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