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1 Tresche' Conca
2 Cima di Favaro, 1433m
3 Monte Venda (Colli Euganei), 601m
5 Altar Knotto
6 Monte Cengio, 1354m
7 Monte Summano, 1296m
8 Forte Corbin
10 Castelletto
11 Arsiero
12 Monte Cimone, 1226m
13 Monte Priafora', 1659m
14 Monte Rione, 1691m
17 Monte Gramolon, 1884m
18 Monte Zevola, 1987m
19 Tonezza del Cimone
20 Monte Gamonda, 1066m
21 Monte Plische, 1991m
22 Cima Carega, 2259m
23 Cima del Calleron, 2215m
24 Forni Alti, 2023m
25 Cima Palon (Pasubio), 2232m
26 Piccolo Roite, 2119m
27 Roite, 2144m
28 Monte Buso, 2080m
29 Col Santino, 2122m
30 Col Santo, 2112m
31 Monte Toraro, 1897m
32 Spitz di Tonezza, 1694m
33 Monte Campomolon, 1853m
34 Monte Stivo, 2059m
35 Cornone di Blumone, 2842m
37 Cima Cop di Breguzzo, 3001m
38 Cornetto, 2060m
39 Care' Alto, 3463m
40 Forte Belvedere (Werk Gschwent)
41 Osservatorio Austro-ungarico Monte Rust
42 Becco di Filadonna, 2150m
43 Lavarone
44 Cima Presanella, 3558m
45 Cima Tosa, 3134m
46 Luserna
47 Cima Brenta, 3150m
48 La Marzola, 1738m


Location: Forte di Campolongo      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 1 May 2019
The Val d'Astico (Astetal in Cimbrian, a local dialect) is a valley of the Vicentine Pre-Alps crossed by the Astico torrent.
The valley opens onto the Vicenza plain and develops substantially in a south-north direction, wedging between the Asiago (Sette Comuni) plateau and the reliefs of the Pasubio massif.

The "Forte di Campolongo" was an Italian fort for controlling the Val d'Astico. This area was heavily affected by fighting during the First World War. However the fort of Campolongo had no particular role in the fighting, because it was built with materials that could not withstand the power of the cannons of the time and was quickly destroyed.
Now it is a magnificent panoramic point on the Val d'Astico.


Excellent location with stunning view of the valley. Also the snowy mountains in the distance are very beautiful.
2019/05/12 14:15 , Friedemann Dittrich
It is one of these corners or sides of the alps that I am not that much familiar with. Still quite a few things to discover. Cordiali saluti Klaus
2019/05/14 16:56 , Klaus Föhl

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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