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Location: Haven Vollenhove (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: 4 februari 2019
Vollenhove is a small town with a rich history. In 994 the town was already mentioned in the Netherlands as Fulnaho (forest of birds). In the 12th century Vollenhove got a castle and a church. Over the years, the castle / church has been increasingly refurbished and renovated. The castle was later completely demolished and the sea canal was made from the moat. Vollenhove looked for centuries over the Zuiderzee, but with the arrival of the Noordoostpolder that changed. Magnificent monuments recall the time of the French revolution. The oldest document in the archives of the municipality is a certificate from 1354: the birth certificate of Vollenhove. For centuries the administrative center of Northwest Overijssel. Home to high clergy, scholars, nobles and knights. Vollenhove had an open connection with the Zuiderzee. Until the collapse of the Noordoostpolder in 1942, Vollenhove was a popular seaside resort with a sea beach at De Voorst.

Latitude 52.680889 Longitude 5.946059
(Camera Canon G1X, Recording without a tripod).


Arjan Veldhuis

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