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Location: Zuiderzeeboulevard Blokzijl (1 m)      by: Arjan Veldhuis
Area: Netherlands      Date: 3 februari 2019
Blokzijl is mentioned for the first time in 1524 when the Drost van Vollenhove complains that soldiers have plundered in Bluxiel and Blankenham. Also in 1561 we hear from Blokzijl when the receiver of tolls gets the right of the (Spanish) King Philip II to hang the royal weapon above the door of the tollhouse. In 1363 there is already talk of 'the salutation and that it was closed'. During the Eighty Years' War, the site was strengthened in 1581, in order to gain a foothold on the eastern side of the Zuiderzee for the State fleet and a base for the troops against the Spaniards. The name Blokzijl, or reinforced lock, was then created. In the 15th century, "Blocksyl" was already spoken. Around 1600, Blokzijl received privileges from Prince Maurice, such as appointing his own mayor. In Blokzijl lies an old sealock (right between the trees) that formed the mouth of the Steenwijker Aa in the 16th century, giving access to the Zuiderzee. Blokzijl received, as an important trading point, in 1672 city rights of Prince William III.

Latitude 52.726625 Longitude 5.958660 (Camera Canon G1X, Recording without a tripod).


With the sunshine, the motif looks very appealing.
2019/02/11 14:26 , Jörg Braukmann

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Arjan Veldhuis

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