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1 Hercules
2 Dockyard V
3 Volharding 1


Location: Terneuzen Marine East Pier (4 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2018 06 24 5:24 PM st
Following the last roundtrip, these museum tugs blow off the Havendagen happening with their steam whistles...with a lot of steam and smoke (just after I finished shooting). Volharding1 already on the way home.

Canon Eos M6 with EF-M 18-150, 10 p RAW, 39 mm (62.4mm KB), iso 100, f 10, 1/500 s, PTGuiPro, 36719x3715 549.6MB TIFF>crop to 3036>downsizing 1500>1000>500 TIFF>sharpening>6048x500 1.5 MB JPEG


Definitely "my taste" - immediately and without any hesitation the FOUR ;-) ... !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2018/07/31 12:49 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Da steckt wirklich Arbeit drin. Die vielen Masten täuschen den Stitchprogrammen vertikale Linien vor, da muss viel händisch korrigiert werden. Einzig die Lampe ganz rechts irritiert, da sie so in der Luft hängt. Ich würde hier entweder zum Stempel greifen oder den Schnitt ein klein bisschen vorher ansetzen.

Herzliche Grüße,
2018/08/01 16:45 , Dieter Leimkötter
Thx guys but I really don't get why the previous was such a disappointment?

@Dieter, you are right, I simply overlooked the lamp. I wonder why I didn't see that?
Concerning the masts, it isn't that difficult when they are far away contrary to the nearby flag poles on my previous pano which were a big challenge to get it right. I think the reason is that shooting freehand isn't enough centered while from a tripod it is. Both panos were shot freehand.
2018/08/02 00:13 , Mentor Depret

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