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1 Cocal (venetian for dove)
2 San Pietro Martire
3 San Donato di Murano
4 San Michele in isola (M. Codussi)
5 San Francesco


Location: On boat, off from Fondamente Nove (1 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Italy      Date: 19.11.2017
After # 22328 Alberto's pano - and others. As a Venetian, this will be my final destination... Isle of San Michele is the napoleonic result of the merge of two little islands, San Michele's and San Cristoforo's. Before 1800 people were buried in the graveyards spreading nearby the churches in the city (as it still happens to see in the South Tyrolean churches). Napoleon decided to move the burials out of the city for hygienic and sanitary reasons. This one was the only good thing that "l'infame Còrso" did in Venice.

Fuji X-E1 + 16-50
8 foto orizzontali a mano libera
ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/210


There are less beautiful places to end up ... if I may say that. Best, Martin
2017/11/30 19:44 , Martin Kraus
Ottimo lavoro!
Anch'io questa settimana sono andato avanti sul genere cimiteriale, cfr. e dintorni.
2017/11/30 19:47 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Alvise Bonaldo

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