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Location: Vaticano (20 m)      by: Cavalier Jean-Yves
Area: Vatican City State      Date: 05-11-2007


Hi Jean-Ives! One of my favourite places in Rome. Every time that I’m here, I admire these monumental architecture, who was designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a great architect, who planned several places and fountains in Rome.
At my last visit, I made an attempt of a panorama from the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral down at the place and his today’s extension, the Via della Conciliazione. But at this time there was still no digital photography or any panorama software, unfortunately.

Your point of view is very interesting, you selected it in such a way, that the Egyptian obelisk runs in the middle of the dome. Harm, that the right end of the colonnades not complete. I like your panorama, but I won’t rated it, because there included some ghost images and it would not be fair as such a place. :-))) Greetings Werner
2009/01/08 22:24 , Werner Schelberger
Diesen Platz habe ich auch schon versucht als Pano darzustellen. Bin ab auf der ganzen Linie gescheitert. --> Ist gar nicht so leicht ;-)) LG Hans
2009/01/11 11:51 , Johann Ilmberger

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Cavalier Jean-Yves

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