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1 Hoad Hill (133 m)
2 Sir John Barrow Monument


Location: Ulverston (11 m)      by: Matthias Stoffels
Area: United Kingdom      Date: 07.08.2017
The Sir John Barrow Monument (or Hoad Monument), built in 1850 by public subscription as a memorial for Sir John Barrow, is one of the most remarkable landmarks on the Furness Peninsula (Cumbria). It is located on the summit of Hoad Hill close to the town of Ulverston, where Sir John Barrow, one of the founding members of the Royal Geographic Society and prominent promoter of many British Arctic expeditions was born.
The 30 m high monument provides a stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the Furness Peninsula, Morecambe Bay and the southern Lake District.
Usually the monument is open to the public when the flag is raised on Hoad Hill every Sunday between Easter and October.
Unfortunately, I have visited the monument on a weekday, so I could not climb the tower. Nevertheless, also the view from Hoad Hill is quite impressive.

This panoramic view was originally posted as a misleading riddle with the following question: Where did this picture come from? A riddle for those with a predilection for maritime motifs.

I will post a panoramic view from Hoad Hill in a few days.

Technical details: 5 landscape shots (w/o tripod) with Canon EOS 100D / Sigma 18-250 mm F3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM (f = 155 mm, k = f / 8, tv = 1 / 500s, ISO 100) , RAW development with RawTherapee 5.3, stitching with Hugin-2017.0.0, scaling with ImageMagick (Lanczos2Sharp and blur mask)


A sea traffic light?
2017/11/01 19:33 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Probably not a lighthouse. While the shape is indeed very typical for quite a few UK lighthouses, I didn't find this one on the extremely well-kept and search-simplifying https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lighthouses_in_England and its sibling Wikipedia pages. Or maybe I have overseen something. Cheers, Martin
2017/11/01 20:01 , Martin Kraus
Martin, you're right. It's a 'lighthouse' which has never been used as a lighthouse. A kind of panoramic mimicry.
Cheers, Matthias.
2017/11/01 20:04 , Matthias Stoffels
Been on the same list and did check british overseas territories. But no success.
2017/11/01 20:58 , Steffen Minack
The Hoad Monument Ulverston (unter google-Suche "never been used as a lighthouse UK" --> images)
Auf der wikipedia-Seite gibt es noch ein Pano vom "Hoad Hill". Würde mich freuen, wenn das noch folgt :)
P.S.: Die Tiefen sind mir deutlich zu dunkel.
LG Jörg
2017/11/01 21:08 , Jörg Nitz
Congratulations to Jörg. Maybe I've betrayed too much? The shadows are fine in my opinion. Shadows should remain shadows in late afternoon light! Thanks for participating. Description will follow tomorrow. And a panoramic view from Hoad Hill will be published soon ;-).
Cheers Matthias.
2017/11/01 21:24 , Matthias Stoffels
After reviewing my panoramic view of Hoad Hill on a different screen, I decided to keep the shadows further on untouched. However, I have slightly revised the exposure, so that Jörgs criticism should now be obsolete.
2017/11/02 09:44 , Matthias Stoffels
So we can look forward to a few additional Lake District panoramas? An area not sufficiently covered on PP yet.

PS: Du hast uns vielleicht etwas verraten, aber Du hast uns nicht verraten...
2017/11/02 19:20 , Martin Kraus
Yes, you can ;-).
2017/11/02 19:46 , Matthias Stoffels

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