Scheldt estuary at Baalhoek with stranded mega container ship in bend of Bath   91942
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1 Walsoorden pano 22005
2 Small harbor of Walsoorden 4.6 km
3 Perkpolder former car ferry port 6.3 km
4 Communication tower Goes 21 km
5 Church Kapelle 16.6 km
6 Coordination center Hansweert 10.1 km
7 Church Kruiningen 10.2 km
8 Walsoorden plate with seal colony somewhere, 1.4 - 3 km
9 distance green buoy 440 m
10 Church Waarde 6.5 km
11 Distance between green and red buoy about 430 m
12 Radar tower near Waarde 4.7 km
13 Dredging ship with never ending job
14 Stranded CSCL Jupiter 8.6 km
15 Bend of Bath 8.6 km
16 Radar tower Saeftinghe 7.7 km
17 BASF Antwerp Harbor (B) 12.4 km
18 Noorderkaai container terminal 12.8 km
19 Verdronken land van Saeftinghe, 30 km2 natural reserve (NL), 0 - 9 km
20 Doel nuclear plant (B) 13 km
21 Church Prosperdorp (B) 9.7 km


Location: Baalhoek (7 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: 2017 08 14
When I woke up on Monday August 14th, I discovered that something abnormal happened on the river Scheldt as a big container ship throwed out her anker here in the bend of Terneuzen - what they never do - and a cruise liner with destination Antwerp all of the sudden turned 180° to go back to sea.
A check of the MarineTraffic site revealed that the mega container ship CSCL Jupiter (366 m long, 51 m wide, 155000 tonnes) had a peculiar position in the Bend of Bath as if her nose almost touched the dike. A quick check of the news confirmed that the ship was stranded and the river closed for traffic. So I changed my plans for the day and went to Baalhoek which is the other side of the river and Southwest of Bath. I would go to the Baalhoek viewpoint anyway to complete my documentation of the Scheldt estuary but this was a real opportunity and... the weather was fine.
Can you find the seals on Walsoorden plate?

Canon G1Xmark2, 26 pics, 62.5 mm + small extra tele making 154 mm KB, iso 125, f 3.9, 1/1600, tripod, stitched with Hugin, 57% of the height retained.

I discovered something annoying. When I look to my pano with Safari, it has the same quality as the file I sent to this site, however with Firefox, I see much lower quality. How is this possible????
I checked my other panos and The Walsoorden pano remains equal in both browsers. However my pano: View to the east from Waterfront shows the same issue: lower quality with Firefox and equal quality with Safari compared to the file sent. This is very weird. Maybe Firefox isn't able to show the resolution of wide panos? This one after downsizing is 24242x500 px.


That's what I call a real contemporary document. A great story, we read about it in our regional news paper. And a great image too. KR Arno
2017/08/17 19:28 , Arno Bruckardt
This is now a panorama that I like very much, not only because of its great length.
2017/08/17 20:30 , Heinz Höra
Thx for the comments.
I could see the ship from the Waterfront Building at nearly 30 km, but it was hazy. Made a few shots from here too, probably I will make a small pano with it.
2017/08/18 17:43 , Mentor Depret
I look at with Firefox and Opera, there ist no difference in quality.
2017/08/19 07:04 , Friedemann Dittrich
Technical one of your best.
I have the same problem with the quality and colours bw. Chrome and Opera but only since some days or weeks(?). So now I use the last one.
LG Jörg
2017/08/19 15:04 , Jörg Nitz
Normally the community here seems to prefer unspoilt nature. Congratulations to being successful with stranded container ships and nuclear power plants! Cheers, Martin
2017/08/20 20:20 , Martin Kraus
The horizon is very good here, but I still hope you will work on the sharpness. It seems a little overdone. Do you remember to do it as the absolutely last thing, just before saving? BR Jan.
2017/08/21 22:06 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
@Jan, that is what I do, sharpen (not too much) at the end and then save a jpeg 2.5Mb. Can you please tell me what browser you use? I clearly see a different end result looking with Safari or Firefox but this only seems to happen with the very long panos as this one, not with the shorter panos. Open the same long pano in both browsers with a height of 20 cm and compare. The pano in Safari looks nice, in Firefox it looks ugly with a lack of quality. Even with less height of 17 cm, the ugly contours remain visible with firefox while the picture in Safari looks sharp with smoothed contours. That is at least what I observe. By the way, I see the same happening with your long pano Agerso and Omo: good in Safari and bad in Firefox. So I really want to know what is going on.
2017/08/22 00:14 , Mentor Depret
@Martin, thx for the comment I took notice. What I want to do for the moment is documenting a bit the diversified Scheldt delta region however with 2 nuclear plants and many industrial complexes along the 3 main harbors: Vlissingen-Sloehaven, Ghent-Terneuzen and Antwerp. Having said that, the 'Westerschelde' remains the biggest natural reserve in the Netherlands. If this was Belgium, I think it would have been totally different.
2017/08/22 12:34 , Mentor Depret

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