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1 Clusane
2 Sarnico
3 Predore
4 Punta Alta, 953m
5 Monte Bronzone, 1334m
6 Isola di San Paolo
7 Gallinarga
8 Vigolo
9 Sulzano
10 Rocca di Menzino (Rocca Martinengo)
11 Sensole
12 Monte Gremalto, 1323m
13 Tavernola Bergamasca
14 Peschiera Maraglio
15 Monte Torrezzo, 1378m
16 Monte Alben, 2019m
17 Madonna della Ceriola
19 Parzanica
20 Monte Creo', 1106m
21 Cima di Menna, 2300m
22 Pizzo Arera, 2512m
23 Solto Collina
24 Cima del Fop, 2322m
25 Carzano
26 Isola di Loreto
27 Riva di Solto
28 Esmate
29 Monte Clemo, 789m
30 Pizzo del Diavolo, 2916m
31 Corna Trentapassi, 1244m
32 Pizzo di Redorta, 3038m


Location: Santa Maria del Giogo      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 17 July 2016
This pano was taken from the same location of the beautiful pano 19697 of Christoph Seger. Of course, for me it was possible to choose a clear day.
I think that also Alberto has a pano almost from the same position and it would be very interesting if he put it.
You can also see how the work of Christo has been almost completely dismantled.


Mi piace quel rimasuglio, in mezzo allo scenario grandioso di montagne.
Adesso Christo bisognerebbe mandarlo a Perast, in Montenegro: vedi N.17710.
2016/07/27 23:55 , Pedrotti Alberto
Awesome view, and a gorgeous frame with the "round arch" in the foreground!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2016/07/28 17:11 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thanks for showing the work of Christo up to the final stage. Cheers, Martin
2016/08/02 10:04 , Martin Kraus

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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