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Location: Mount Rainier Summit, Washington, USA (4 m)      by: Valentin Sauer
Area: United States      Date: 31.08.2008
Picture taken on the summit of Mount Rainier, Washington, USA


An interesting perspective, and a keen insight into the crater. I read an article on Wikipedia. How long did it take to get there, from where you started this tour ? Greetings Hans-Jürgen
2008/10/11 01:26 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer

i have been to kanada and usa for 4 weeks. We hitchhiked from Tacoma to Mount Rainier National Park form where we startet our climb at Paradise. We spent our first night at Camp Muir (ca. 3000 m) und our second night at about -30 °C on the Ingraham Icefield (ca. 3300). After a sleepless night in the tent we startet to the summit at about 2.15 and reached the top at about 8 o'clock.
Very beautiful mountain and panorama view, especially when you are used to the alps.

2008/10/13 15:31 , Valentin Sauer

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Valentin Sauer

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