On the top highest dune Netherlands near Zoutelande   32745
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1 Vlissingen 4.4 km
2 Sardijn tower 85 m, 5.5km
3 Mouth Scheldt estuary 6 km
4 Breskens 9 km
5 Coastal line Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (NL) 8-10 km
6 Zeebrugge harbor (B) is about here but invisible today, 25 km
7 Zoutelande 2.2 km
8 Lighthouse Westkapelle 6.5 km
9 Top highest dune Netherlands 53 m NAP


Location: Zoutelande (50 m)      by: Mentor Depret
Area: Netherlands      Date: August 2 2015
I went to Zoutelande today to take a pano from the top of the highest coastal dune (53m) in the Netherlands. It was sunny but unfortunately a little bit misty so the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and part of the Belgian coastline which can easily be seen on a clear day, were invisible. At left and in southern direction, you see the Scheldt estuary flowing into the North Sea. It is low tide with almost no wind. The Dutch protect their dunes very well i.e. they are clean, it is only allowed to walk on the paths and nature has a chance to evolve. Really an example of how nature and tourism go in harmony.

Canon Powerschot G1Xmark2, 13 pics, 200°, 25.82 mm (49.06 mm KB), F9, 1/640 sec, iso 200, jpeg very fine, stitched with Hugin.


So einen "Tiefblick" hätte ich an der niederländischen Küste nicht erwartet.
2015/08/03 08:06 , Friedemann Dittrich
Indeed surprising.
Greetings Wolfgang
2015/08/08 23:59 , Wolfgang Bremer
Very instructive pano, great colours and sharpness. Hope that we will continue to see stuff like this from you. Cheers, Martin
2015/08/20 19:22 , Martin Kraus

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