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Location: Somewhere (2120 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 06-08-2011
Located not far from Taiga I (which is published as N.12709) and from Taiga II (which I forgot to publish), this work depicts the place in another mood. Yes, because the definition of Mongolia as the "land of the eternal blue sky" has not to be taken too literally...
This grey version of the taiga is taken not with the D7000, but with the Canon G9, since here we were on horseback and, considering my riding abilities (which are zero according to common standards, and close to minus infinity according to Mongolian standards) I did not dare to keep the reflex too close to me - say, on board of the same horse...
In some future life - I promise - I will be able to ride a horse with camera, lenses, filters, tripod and nodal point adapter maybe even in the same hand, but... for now the Betrachter needs to be satisfied with this!!


Really curious to see when we will see the first NPA on horseback - even though I have switched camps and now also started using such devices, freehand photography still keeps some advantages. Given a moving Standpunkt, an impressive panorama.
Is this a Bergsturz in the middle? (Your introduction of mixed language spares me the effort of looking for a translation).
Cheers, Martin
2015/01/20 20:27 , Martin Kraus
Beautiful pure landscape, thx for sharing.
2015/01/20 23:05 , Mentor Depret
Martin: do not push imagination too far... actually, here the moving strandpoint was grazing for a while. Namely, I had negotiated a short panoramic stop with Tsogtoo, the captain of our caravane - whose name, incidentally, means "burning piece of wood", because Mongolian names and toponyms tend always to have some heroic connotation, with Ulaanbaatar itself meaning "the red hero".
As for NPAs, up to now I had a very short interaction with them, just when I asked their price at the shop... well, I do not know if they are made of pure gold, but I think that I will wait for some alternative solution. Maybe a well-instructed nodal-point-preserving horse: could be more affordable!
Bergsturz: yes, geologically these mountains have a very fragile appearance. Also lots of scree slopes as you move around.

Mentor: thank you. Now I was wondering if it is the case to get rid of some pixel on top. The present cut aims to balance between "boredom of the sky" and "boredom of the taiga", but I do not know whether this idea is effective. The "boredom of the Betrachter" is indeed no easy-to-manage resource!
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/01/21 13:46 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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